Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 30th September 2021 Rishi tells Chandrani that Aaji keeps scolding us these days, you should come home. Chandrani says she is down these days but she loves you a lot. I have to stay here for your father. Rishi says I am strong so I will fight with wrong. Chandrani says you don’t have to fight to be strong. Rishi asks where is Phirki? I will show her my strength. Chandrani says Phirki is not around. She thinks where is Phirki these days/ Kuldeep and Shubhra come there. Sam comes there and glares at her. Shubhra asks Sam to not be shocked, we were not on a date.

Chandrani asks how was your first day of work? Shubhra says if you bless me then nobody can do wrong. Chandrani asks about Madhura. Shubhra says Sam stays here so she didn’t come. Sam says your kids were saying you are going to be rich, did you get a lottery? Shubhra says I am not greedy about money, I want to earn respect with my work. Sam says you think you are a businesswoman with your small startup? Shubhra says I am taking care of my baba’s business also, I am born rich, my baba worked hard in the construction business. I will fulfill my baba’s dreams as you know how stubborn I am. Kuldeep came back to me because of my stubbornness.

You have an ad agency so you can handle my business ads, you can take an appointment to meet me. Kuldeep smirks. Sam fumes in anger. Shubhra takes her kids from there. Kuldeep smirks at Sam. Sam says that cheap woman was offering and you were silent? she thinks my ad agency works with small businesses?

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

How dare she offer me? Kuldeep says why not? She made her startup work and now she is entering another business, you should work with women like her. Sam says you think Shubhra is a businesswoman? She has no knowledge. Kuldeep says if you are not interested then fine but my agency will pitch for Shubhra. I am going to open my agency and she is my wife so she will trust me. You know I find successful women attractive. Sam says Shubhra can never be a businesswoman.

I gave her this opportunity by killing her father and then she got his will. Kuldeep glares at her and says I knew it. What did you say? Sam says I am not a recorder. Kuldeep grabs her and asks her to repeat it. He breaks a bottle and says I will cut your face if you don’t repeat it. Sam gets scared and says I will repeat it. Kuldeep makes here video when Sam says I killed Shubhra’s father, that’s what you wanted to hear right? Please don’t beat me. Beeji please don’t beat me, I didn’t do anything. How can you beat me when I am your wife.. She says you wanted my confession, did you get it? She cuts her hand and says I am a champion of this game so don’t play with me. She takes his phone and calls the police. Kuldeep is stunned.

Kuldeep and Chandrani are brought to the police station because of Sam’s complaint. Sam tells the inspector that this man cheated on me and now abusing me with his mother. Shubhra comes there and asks Kuldeep what happened? The inspector calls her and shows her Kuldeep’s video in which Sam pleaded to him to not beat her. Sam says you can see the bruise on me also.

The inspector tells Shubhra that you people are trapping Sam, I can file an FIR on you also. You have no proof but keep blaming Sam for your father’s death. I will keep them on remand now. Kuldeep says let Shubhra and Beeji go, you can keep me here. Sam says my one sign can send them behind bars but I want to give another chance to Kuldeep. I know the real culprit is Shubhra. The inspector says I am leaving him for the last time. Sam thanks him and leaves. The inspector tells Shubhra that you can’t file a fake FIR against her.

Shubhra is angry with Kuldeep and says you can’t be angry like this. I am trying to solve things but you keep getting trapped by Sam. Kuldeep says I am trying to help you but I can’t. How can I live with you? Shubhra hugs him and says we can’t be each other’s weakness, everything will be fine but control your anger. Kuldeep hugs her.

Shubhra comes home to see Madhura waiting for her. She asks where did you go? You didn’t even inform me. Shubhra looks on.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 1st October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :A partner meets Shubhra and says I will takeover your father’s business. Shubhra says this is my father’s business so I will take care of it. He says you have no knowledge of real estate, you can’t run it. Shubhra looks on.

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