Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 30th September 2021 episode starts with Mirza family rejoice over their win and praising D’costa for his help. Mirza offers money to D’costa which he denies at first but then accepts and asks him to prepare a cup of tea for him. Mishras pack their stuff sadly. Kurri/Bittu chats with D’costa/gambler over phone and says he is elated to see Mishra’s sad face and orders him to execute formal no B. D’costa agrees.

Kurri says Mishra brought him to haveli, but himself will be out of it. He walks to Mishras with his bag and apologizes them for his mistake and says he will never meet them. Shanti says they lost haveli, he should pay 20000 rs as promised at least. He pays 20000 rs and leaves haveli.

Mirza takes D’Costa to his shop and serves him tea. D’Costa says he doesn’t feel good until he drinks his prepared tea. Mirza says he is like Sakeena’s brother and in that sense his brother-in-law/saala. D’Costa calling him jiju says he is eager to see him acquiring whole haveli. Bittu passes by. D’costa asks who is this old man. Mirza says he is a old unsuccessful politician. Bittu warns him to be in his limits.

D’costa warns to behave with a new owner of full haveli as he defeated Mishra in chausar game and won haveli. Bittu says Mishra’s bad luck made him win or else he is fit for nothing. Their argument starts. Bittu challenges him for a chausar game. D’costa insists Mirza to accept Bittu’s challenge. Mirza agrees and invites him to haveli for a game.

D’costa and Bittu’s chausar competition starts at haveli terrace. Bittu asks to toss first as usual. Mirza asks how does he know about toss. Bittu scolds him not to teach an expert and winning toss starts playing game and continuing to win, leaving Mizras in sorrow. Bittu loses and asks D’costa to play next. D’costa asks which number to throw. Kids misbehave with Bittu. Mirza scolds them to behave with elders.

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D’costa starts playing and wins at first, but the loses. Bittu dances after winning and says he is the owner of this haveli now. Mirzas stand in shock. Bittu asks his aides to prepare for celebrations and taunts Mirza to inform his FIL to arrange a room for him in Ameenabad. He walks towards door dancing. Mishra asks if hair medicine showed adverse reaction. Bittu asks him to vacate haveli soon as he won haveli from Mirza in chausar game. Mishra checks document and returns to him. Bittu leaves dancing in Anil Kapoor’s style. Sakeena scolds Mirza for losing haveli in chausar game addiction.

Mirza says John Konda/D’costa fooled him, he will not spare him. Mishra hearing their conversation happily runs to Shanti and informs her that Mirza lost haveli in chausar game to Bittu. Shanti also rejoices and rushes to taunt back Mirzas. Kids also follow her. Mishra thinks he is confused whether to cry for losing haveli or get happy seeing Mirza also losing haveli.

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