Rishton Ka Manjha 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

The episode starts with Arjun saying he will give return gift to Karan soon. Karan leaves and Madhuri tells Arjun to give the badminton but he says Karan gave him the present so he wont give it to anyone. But he has plan to meet him on 4th October. He taunts Amitabh and leaves. Madhuri questions Amitabh what does Karan want why he came here to trouble Arjun. She saw determination and stubbornness in Arjun’s eyes now he will do something for sure.

Diya gets lost in Arjun’s thoughts and Rama says Tina is very lucky to have Arjun as he is very rich. Diya cuts her finger mistakenly with knife. Meera gets worried asks her what was she thinking. Rama says Diya’s mind is somewhere else nowadays. Diya thinks why she is so upset, it feels like she is going to lose something.

Rishton Ka Manjha 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Tina calls Karan and gets mad at him for provoking Arjun. Why he came to his house suddenly. Now Arjun has taken it as a challenge. He will meet him on 4th October. Karan says Arjun is his friend so he came to congratulate him. Now its Tina’s responsibility to stop Arjun from playing badminton. Tina says after marriage she planned to take him to London. But Karan’s gift triggered Arjun. Karan laughs at her saying she can lose Arjun in this process so she should be more careful. Tina grows tensed. Diya tells Sobha about badminton match and the latter says why does she still hope she can play match on her wedding as its impossible. Arjun wont come as he will get married too. Diya thinks Arjun will surely come to take her. Arjun sees the match date and writes two days to go. He says he will make Karan lose by winning this challenge.

Meera serves various dishes to Diya for the “Aaiburo bhaat” ritual. She explains the significance of it to Bablu. Diya comes out wearing saree and sits to have food. Arjun waits for Diya and calls her but she doesn’t pick up. Sobha was making video of Diya so she receives the call and tells Arjun that Diya can’t meet him as she is busy in rituals. Arjun says only two days are left, Diya has to manage some time to meet him. Ajit is on his way with his parents and Sadhna to perform the Ashirvaad ritual of Diya. Ajit’s friends compliment him on street and Sadhna warns him to not meet them before marriage as Mohan already suspected him. Ajit says Diya got rejected once and she is lucky that he got ready to marry her. Mohan won’t get a groom better than him. Ajit says if Mohan cancels the marriage he will abduct Diya.

Ajit and his family arrives at Diya’s place and they perform the ritual. They make Diya wear a necklace. Sobha informs Diya about Arjun and Diya goes out in hurry to meet him after Ajit leaves. Ajit comes out with his family and Arjun stands there waiting for Diya.

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