Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Happu enjoying samosa with Manohar and praising its cook. Reshampal walks in and says he is going on a vacation with his wife for a week. Manohar jokes that he has seen how Reshampal’s wife beats him. Reshampal shuts his mouth and orders Happu to take care of police station in his absence. Happu says he need not worry as he will consider police station as his house.

Manohar jokes that he already considers police station as his home and visits whenever he wants to. Happu asks when will he receive bribe then and says he protects citizens loyally and listens to their plea. Reshampal warns Happu not to disturb him during his vacation and walks away. Happu scolds Manohar for insulting him.

At home during dinner, Chamchaji informs family about Kanpur mela and asks when will they visit mela. Rajesh says there would be a huge crowd and kids may go missing, so she cannot take them mela. Kat in her broken English says many foreign tourists visit mela and there would be shortage of hotels, so many Kanpur citizens rent their house and earn a lot of money. Happu asks what does she mean.

Kat explains in Hindi. Rajesh says her friend earns 4000 rs per day. Ranbir excitedly says that means 1 month rent is. Rajesh says 1,20,000 rs. Children say they will be rich if they rent out their house. Amma says even she can have a high quality liquor. Happu asks where will they stay if they rent their house. Amma says they will shift to Beni’s house. Happu asks why should they disturbed newly married couple. Rajesh says Vimlesh has gone to Bedouin and has called Beni there.

Happu doesn’t agree and walks away. Amma asks Rajesh to convince Happu in her style. Rajesh hesitantly agrees. Rajesh walks to Happu and says she feels concerned for him seeing his hard work in handling family. He says he knows her intentions and asks her to tell her children to lessen their expenses. She lures him with her beauty next. He falls for it and agrees to shift to Beni’s house next morning.

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Dadaji asks Amma how can she go away from him as he can see here only in this house. She says she is going for just a week. He disagrees. She says she will romance him like she did in Rishikesh. He says never as he is bearing its burnt till now, Happu was born after that trip. Happu walks in with Rajesh and sits on Dadaji’s chair. Amma says his father is sitting on it. Happu sits next to amma and greets Dadaji.

He informs Amma that tenant is coming to discuss about rent, she shouldn’t agree for less than 6000 rs. Amma asks him to let Rajesh speak as she is expert in bargaining. Tenant visits and starts blabbering. Amma asks him to let Happu speak. Happu says he is going to Manali on a vacation with family and will rent his house for a week for 6000 rs per day. Tenant says he can pay 3000 rs. Happu finalizes deal for 4000 rs. Next day, he with family visits Beni’s house who also informs that he rented his house for a week as he is going to visit Vimlesh. Amma slaps him and says he is greedy.

Children reveal they rented their house and came here. Beni says even amma is greedy. Amma slaps him again. Beni asks Happu to return his tenant’s advance, they will stay in Happu’s house and he will pay 50% of rent received. Happu agrees and seeing tenant coming asks him to cancel his deal. Tenant demands 8000 rs or wait for 1 week. Happu fails to convince him.

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