Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1st October 2021 episode starts with Vimlesh luring Beni by dancing on Tu Laung Mai Elaichi.. song. Beni tries to resist himself but gives up and asks why so seems so romantic and asks to get to the point directly.

Vimlesh says she needs a diamond necklace. Beni says she asked jeera ka jar and he heard heeron ka haar/diamond necklace. She says he heard right, jiju is gifting diamond necklace to Rajesh. He says let him get some big case. She says jiju and Rajesh are married for 20 years, even now jiju fulfills Rajesh’s all demands. Beni thinks he will scratch Happu’s cheeks later. She continues insisting him and warns to loosen his horses if he doesn’t fulfill her demand.

At police station, Happu looks happy and handovers new case file to Manohar. Manohar complains that he gives all case files to him. Happu says he solved case at house. Beni enters and confronts him that because he is fulfilling Rajesh’s demand of diamond necklace, Vimlesh is also demanding diamond necklace from him. Happu says Vimlesh, Rajesh, and Amma are a team and are conspiring all this gift drama.

Beni denies to accept Vimlesh’s involvement and says she is too innocent. Happu gets frustrated trying to explain him and says he knows Vimlesh is also involved and is just trying to convince his heart. Beni asks what should they do now. Manohar says there is a big jewelry shop in market. Happu scolds him, then gets an idea and discusses it with him and Beni. Manohar denies to help him, but agrees when he promises to share bribe with him.

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Ranbir, Hrithik, and Chamchi’s school peon brings principal’s letter for Happu. Kat receives it, reads it, and calls her siblings. They walk to her and ask if their gifts came. She shows letter and says principal sent a letter to papa that they bunk classes and trouble teachers and students, so she will give it to father. They plead her not to give it and pamper her. They stop her and tear her college principal’s letter. She asks if they need gifts. They say they don’t need gift as they have cute parents and an elder sister.

She tears their letter. They thank her and walk in. Kat think poor Kamlesh will bear losses now. Kamlesh brings her demanded gifts video game, karoake, and kitchen set. She says she doesn’t need them now. He reminds her dialogues. She says his friendship is important to her than gifts. A thief snatches gift and runs away. Kat asks Kamlesh to catch tthat thief, and they both run behind thief.

Rajesh with Amma and Vimlesh discusses that she will ask more gifts from Happu once he brings diamond necklace. Manohar brings Happu and Beni and alleges that they were stealing bank ATM. Rajesh and Vimlesh are shocked, and Amma says why will her son steal bank ATM. Happu and Beni say they had to plan ATM robbery to fulfill Rajesh and Vimlesh’s demand even after knowing their husband’s situation,

they are stretching their feet beyond their blanket. He continues describing how Vimlesh and Rajesh’s continuous demands are troubling them. Manohar starts crying and says seeing their ordeal, he will not arrest them as he didn’t report their crime to Reshampal. Happu thans him. He kises Happu’s cheek and heads towards Beni. Beni stops him. Rajesh and Vimlesh apologize Happu and Beni for their illegal demands. Happu and Beni get romantic and take them in. Amma calls Dadaji and asks if he wants to hear sorry from her. He says he is eager to hear sorry from her mouth. She says she will twist his lemons. He walks away afraid.

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