Balika Vadhu 2 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Balika Vadhu 2 1st October 2021 Episode starts with Kanku asking Diwari to buy a smart phone for her. Diwari says Jigar’s father has much money and says kids get spoiled using phone. Anandi says Didi is right, we can see many things on phone. Diwari says just like you see the video of making laapsi.

Anandi gets shocked. Kanku says now the classes are also online etc. Diwari asks her to sell her and get the mobile. She goes. Anandi asks Kanku why did she say this? Kanku says sometimes people exchange things for other things, but don’t sell themselves. Anandi asks her to change her dress, and then they will do garba hearing song on radio. Later they do garba hearing song on radio.

Maadi Baa says this is the time of my Thakur ji sleeping time, then who is making so much noise. She comes to Kanku’s room and sees Anandi and Kanku dancing. She angrily breaks the radio. Anandi and Kanku get shocked. Maadi Baa asks what is this tamasha here? She asks if this thing was remaining to see in this house, bahu is already dancing and making the beti also dance. She says she don’t deserve to be called as the bahu.

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Anandi cries. Maadi Baa says she shall rectify her mistake, but she doesn’t do. Diwari asks what happened? Maadi Baa says your daughter was dancing with Anandi and asks her to keep her away from her, else she will get spoiled. Diwari says surely this girl might have provoked her to dance. Anandi asks if doing garba is wrong, it is done infront of Ambe Maa. Maadi Baa says you will question me? She says you have broken that precious stick and then arguing with me. She asks her to go with Sejal and make food. Sejal takes Anandi from there. Maadi Baa asks Kanku not to stay with Anandi else you will get spoiled. She asks Diwari to handle her. Kanku cries.

Prem ji says good smell is coming. Anandi says she has made. He asks her to make him taste. Anandi gives him sweets. Prem ji appreciates her and gives her money. He says I have brought books for you, and asks her to study well. Anandi says Maadi Baa tells that she has done bad work and good family girl’s don’t dance.

She asks him to drop her at her house. Prem ji says we have brought you here, but couldn’t take care of you. I will take you home in 3-4 days and asks her to get kulfi for her. She takes permission from Sejal and goes out to buy kulfi. She hears two people talking about the latest phone, brought from city. Anandi asks if he can buy it for her. They ask what will you do with it? Anandi says she wants it for her didi. They ask if she has money. Anandi shows 100 Rs. They tell that the phone is worth 11000 Rs. Anandi gets stunned hearing the amount. They look at her mangalsutra.

Khim ji calls Prem ji and asks if the project is made by Anandi. Prem ji says yes. He asks when he will return from Ahmedabad. Prem ji says he returned in the morning. Khim ji asks him to bring Anandi back soon, as her studies are suffering. He says I am telling this as a friend and not as relative. He says once Maadi Baa goes, I will bring her Anandi. He ends the call. Ratan says Prem ji doesn’t want to bring back Anandi. Khim ji calls someone and asks him to bring the car, as he wants to go and pick Anandi.

The guys ask her if she has something then give and take the phone. Anandi says she has many clothes, and have ghagra choli too. They ask what will they do with her clothes? Anandi says you might take some other things. They ask her to give her necklace. Anandi says I like this neckace, and asks them to take her mangalsutra, says it is real too. They look at each other and take mangalsutra from her and handovers them mobile and the box. They think to buy two mobiles by selling the mangalsutra.

Khim ji tells Ratan that he will bring Anandi back by evening. Ratan asks why didn’t you tell him that you are coming to take him. Anandi thinks to go home and get kulfi later. She thinks Kanku asked for kulfi for the first time. She buys kulfis. Khim ji is on the way to Prem ji’s village and thinks he will reach his dear daughter in one hour. He says I am coming to take you. Anandi comes home and gives kulfi to Prem ji.

She asks Sejal to give kulfis to everyone. Anandi asks Kanku to come with her. She shows her mobile and tells that she gave her necklace and brought this mobile. Kanku says you have done a big mistake. She says we will go and bring your mangalsutra, else it will be a big problem. They come out of room and sees Maadi Baa there. Maadi Baa gets up to go and wash her hands.

Precap : Maadi Baa slaps Anandi and makes her fall down. Anandi says Prem ji kaku’s family members are very bad, packs her bags and tries to leave through the window.

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