Molkki 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Molkki 1st October 2021 Priyu meets Veer outside. He asks her to come. She asks him if he has thought about future. What will we do now? He suggests going to London together. We have no option. Purvi wont let us stay together if we go back to haveli. You heard Ma saying that the will has been changed. I don’t have any money or property now. We wont be able to live together because of Purvi. I will have to live with Sudha and you wont be with me. Let’s go to London. Have you packed jewelry? She nods. Everything is in the bag. They leave.

Anjali sits next to Prakashi while Purvi and Sakshi stand nearby. Doc sends everyone outside so he can check Prakashi. Anjali paces worriedly outside. Doc steps out and informs them that Prakashi had a mild heart attack. I have given her medicines and injection. You must look after her. She needs attention and a lot of care to recover quickly. Anjali nods. Doc adds that she should be on complete bed rest. Don’t give her any stress or she can experience another attack. Anjali vouches to look after Prakashi. Doc leaves. All 3 ladies go back inside. Prakashi folds her hands in front of Purvi. Purvi tells her to rest. Sakshi says she will stay here till the time she recovers fully. Anjali asks about herself. I cannot stay without Ma. Sakshi tells her to stay here till Prakashi recovers. Anjali agrees. I will take care of her. you two should go and do what you want. She closes the door once Sakshi and Purvi leave.

Sakshi asks Purvi what they should do now. Purvi suggests going to Delhi tomorrow to start the case again. We cannot wait anymore. Sakshi agrees. Let’s hurry up.

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Anjali asks Prakashi how she got heart attack. Prakashi tells her to be quiet. I am fine. Why will I have an attack? I was pretending. Anjali asks her why she is speaking slowly then. Prakashi reasons that she had to do this drama so as to stay here. They are very smart. They want to rule the house after throwing us out. Anjali asks her about what doc had said. Prakashi tells her not to use her brain if she doesn’t have it. Money can make anything happen. Flashback shows Prakashi telling doc that she had an attack. Tell them I must rest and that I will take time to recover. He looks hesitant so she gives him money. Just add your own logics to what I had said. He agrees. Flashback ends. Prakashi says this drama wont last long. I will recover one day so we must find a way because of which we end up ruling this house at any cost!

Purvi and Sakshi are at the lawyer’s office. Purvi gives him the cheque but he tells her it isn’t needed. I agreed to take the case but it is an open and shut case. Everyone is against Mukhi ji. All eyewitnesses are against him too. There is not even 1% chance of him getting out safely. She asks him why he agreed earlier. He replies that that was before he had studied the case thoroughly. Now I am sure about it. Sakshi says Mukhi ji fired at Daksh to save Purvi. A re-appeal can decrease his penalty. Lawyer says I understand it is true but there is no proof or witness to that. Court accepts proof. I am extremely sorry but I wont be able to help you in this case. Purvi looks at Sakshi who nods at her.

Purvi tells Virender it is about a few dyas. You will be free then. He nods. I will be free from the jail and this world. She tells him it wont happen. You will come home with me asap. He tells her not to give false reassurances to herself. Everyone and every proof is against me. What will you do alone? Nothing will change. Go home now. Purvi tells him that she was alone but is not alone anymore. Someone is with me. He asks her who it is. Sakshi walks in. Virender asks her what she is doing here. He questions Purvi. Sakshi says you threw me out of your life but you are my life. I have come to help Purvi save you. Don’t think that I have come back to take Purvi’s place. I have come only to help you and do my duty. I haven’t come here to create a rift between you two. I will leave the moment you get out of jail. She leaves.

Virender asks Purvi if she is in her senses. Don’t you recall what she had done by joining hands with Anjali and Ma? She says I haven’t forgotten anything but I am willing to trust anyone who can give me even slightest hope that you can get out of jail. I have no other alternative but to take Sakshi ji’s help. He reminds her that she will have to look after Juhi and Manas if anything happens to him. Be very careful about your choices and of Anjali, Ma and Sakshi. Purvi nods.

Juhi and Manas are playing. Sudha tells them that she is going out for an important work. We will be back in an hour. Don’t go anywhere on your own. They promise her. Sudha leaves. They resume playing catch. Juhi applies pressure while throwing ball. They go to bring the ball. A guy is drinking from his flask. He walks up to Manas and scares him as he picks the ball. He asks Manas what he is doing here. Manas closes his eyes worriedly. Juhi comes and hugs her brother. The guy looks at them.

Sakshi tells Purvi not to worry. We will bring a good lawyer from anywhere. I will even arrange a lawyer from Supreme Court but I wont let anything happen to Mukhi ji. Purvi says I trust you about it. You should meet the kids now. It’s been too long. I can understand how difficult it is to stay away from your kids. They miss you just as much as you miss them. Mukhi ji is not around either. They will be happy to see you. They hear Sudha sending ladies in different direction. Purvi asks Sudha why she is so tensed. Sudha shares that they haven’t been able to find Juhi and Manas anywhere. Purvi asks her where they could be. They were with you. Sudha tells her everything. Purvi prays for their well-being.

Kids reach hospital in a cab. The guy they had met earlier is in the cab as well. He is bleeding and has passed out. Kids run outside to bring help. Two ward boys bring him inside on a stretcher. Nurse asks them about the guy. They share that he is a stranger uncle. She asks them where they met him. Manas shares that he saw him on the street. Flashback shows the guy walking away when Juhi hugs Manas. He gets hit by an approaching car and the kids decide to take him to hospital. A biker stops to help them and they stop a cab that happens to drive by. Flashback ends. Nurse appreciates the kids on what they did. She asks them to wait in a corner. Driver tells the kids he will go now. Juhi thanks him. We don’t have money to give to you though. Driver says I earn money every day but this is a good thing. They thank him.

Purvi wonders where they could be right now. Sudha wonders if Prakashi and Anjali have kidnapped the kids.

Molkki 2nd October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap

Another lawyer refuses to take Virender’s case. Purvi tells Sakshi that the execution date is coming closer. Who will fight Virender’s case? A man hears their conversation and says there is one person. He takes up the cases that have no chance of winning and ends up winning them. Sakshi visits him. He’s drinking alcohol. He says to Sakshi that he won’t fight the case. Later, Purvi meets him. He tells her to jump down from the balcony, then only he will fight the case. Purvi runs to jump.

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