Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st October 2021 Sanjana asks Dev if he called her, Dev replies they need to talk but she says first she wants to reveal something important, she takes out the photo of Soha, he asks what her photo is doing with Sanjana, she replies that his daughter is her niece.

Sometime earlier, Sonakshi asks where Zayden is, he comes with the chicken when he asks them to wait as he will bring the soup, Alena mentions that she feels she is really hungry after seeing the food cooked by him, Saurabh mentions she is actually really hungry, Vicky asks how he would eat all this, Saurabh mentions there is nothing to worry about and he can eat it, Alena takes the photo with Mishti when she explains there are two more people in this photo, one is Vicky and the other the chicken, she plans to post it on the social media as even his mother follows her, Vicky snatched the mobile from her saying that he would be scolded in the house,

Sonakshi gets up to drink some water, she explains to Bijoy how she needs to leave as Neha has come, Zayden comes asking why6 is she going so early, wondering if she did not like the food, Sonakshi exclaims he is really a good cook, she then hands Zayden an envelope mentioning how she has talked with Dev and Ishwari Infotech gives five scholarships to those children who are worthy of them, Dev has decided to award him an scholarship, Zayden exclaims he doesnot how to appreciate in these situations, Bijoy mentions he can give them the return by focusing on his degree and proving Dev and Sonakshi have trusted him, Zayden assures to work his best, Sonakshi leaves after giving him hope.

Ishwari in the room is calling anyone to come and help as her ankle is hurting really bad, she tries to stand when Dev immediately comes, she asks when did he come, he explains he would always be there to take care of her, he explains that even when he cannot come he has the second best thing, he hands her a bell which she rings, Aayush comes asking if she needs anything,

Dev advises him to one again press it and then Soha comes asking if she requires anything, Dev once again asks her to press it, she says she knows who would come now, Shuv comes asking if she needs anything, Ishwari hugging him mentions she needs him, she blesses all three of them explaining how she was just learning how to use it and doesnot need anything, they all leave, Ishwari mentions she would surely use it, Dev explains it is just for emergency otherwise he would always be with her.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Shuv is colouring when Aayush comes asking what is he doing, Shuv explains he is making a crown and then shows Aayush how it is the drawing, Aayush comes to help him, they start colouring when Shuv tears the paper, Aayush picking is shocked to see that it is the paper of Dev, Sonakshi comes, she is shocked to see it so starts scolding Aayush, he apologizes when Dev also comes, asking what did they do, he asks if Aayush did not realize it is his important work, Soha comes to protect them explaining it is her fault as Shuv was asking for a big paper for a long but she did not know what to do,

Sonakshi walks ahead to punish them but Dev protects them saying it is his fault since he left the paper on the desk and it fell so the children did not know what to do, Sonakshi leaves in answer, Dev turns smiling when the children smile, Dev explains that since the important work is ruined, he would have to ask the employees to make it once again and would even have to apologize, so they would promise to take care in the future, he asks them to complete the drawing as the paper is already ruined.

In the night Dev walks into the room, he is stunned to see Sonakshi to lighting up the candles, he is smiling and comes to sit in front of her when she lights the candles at the table, Sonakshi explains she has done it all to introduce him to someone special, she shows him in the mirror mentioning he is the someone special for her, and knows how to take care of the children’s homework even when he is really busy in the office,

she going to the table brings the sweets for him and then realizes how she made the chart for Sanjana but forgot to give it to her, Sonakshi asks how does he think she would look with Jitin because she heard him say that she is also single, Dev realising it all immediately hugs Sonakshi exclaiming his love for her.

In the morning Ishwari is really excited mentioning how the morning is really beautiful because of the children and it is some time which is really panicking but the morning creates a beautiful scene, she exclaims how Dev always does everything he can for anyone who is worthy enough, Neha replies then he is the one who is getting rich, Ishwari mentions how he always does anything he can for anyone,

Neha questions what has he done for her, she asks what would be her share in his property as they have the right, Ishwari is shocked, Radha seeing this explains that she remembers when Dev said that they all have a share in his property and even Vicky is a partner, Ishwari explains Dev never breaks any of his promise. Neha leaves when Radha says Ishwari should not worry about Neha.

Dev is in the office when Sanjana comes asking if he called, Dev explains he needs to talk something important to her but she replies even she has something that will cement his trust in Serendipity, she takes out the photo of Soha, Dev asks what is her daughters phot doing with her, Sanjana replies that Soha is her biological niece, Dev is stunned to hear this.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap

Dev sitting with Sonakshi explains whatever Sanjana was saying to him was not an act but her feelings for him, he reveals how she is the biological aunt of Soha and really in love with him, Sonakshi is shocked to hear this news from Dev.

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