Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th September 2021 Dev is standing in front of Sanjana, he question what is all this, she picks some petals in her hand exclaiming they are the special roses for someone special, she mentions their story started the same way with the bouquet of flowers, he questions what is she saying, does she not know she works in his office, he asks her to get over whatever she said yesterday as this is an office and they work here,

he asks if she is clear, Sanjana asks if what she expressed yesterday was not clear, she mentions how she loves him, he is really shocked to hear this all, she replies how she really wanted him to understand her love for him and by now everyone in the office has known but not dev, she even tried to make him understand, did he not see at the party how she knew each and every small thing which he likes or dislikes,

she even revealed her feelings on a radio show, she realized that their story has a chance even if it is one sided love, she realized that to express love is really important, Dev questions if she was the gypsy girl at the radio show, he gets frustrated when she explains she has something else other then her love to present him, she takes out the promise band mentioning how she bought it the time when he was selecting the gifts for Sonakshi, Dev recalls each and everything.

Dev turns to Sanjana in anger, he looks at her with frustration, she asks if he would now believe how much she loves him, she exclaims how she knows he would take some time to realize it so she can give him all the time he needs as even if they throw a small stone in the ocean it creates waves, she would then wait for him to wait for the time when he finally accepts her love, Dev orders her to put the dam thing in her purse, he asks if she forgot that he is happily married and has a wife and kids, Sanjana replies she did not know he was married when she fell in love with him, she leaves saying that she has some important thing to do.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Sonakshi entering the office asks Jitin if he is stress eating, Jitin replies it is not that but he did not have time to eat the breakfast, he is however really impressed with the food so is thinking of ordering it every day, Sonakshi asks if he forgot how many health issues is he inviting by eating them, he should learn how to make his food taste interesting, she advises him to learn how to cook or hire someone, Jitin questions if she means a cook, Sonakshi replies she means the Rani of her house, she is not saying he should just hire her but then means she can come into his life and teach him how to cook,

he questions if she cooks worse then him, Sonakshi explains she knows someone who can cook good paratha when Jitin asks if she means that someone who knows to cook Paratha can be married, she explains that the girl is even a sweet women and has recently broken up, she feels that he would really make a nice couple with her, Jitia questions if she has also decided to make a match making chart.

Sanjana is walking in the shop, where a stand up comedian is performing, she sits on the table asking for a coffee, the entire crowd of the café goes to take a selfie with Arman, Sanjana is still sitting, he walks past her but then realizing how she is really quiet mentions that someone who is alone even in a crowd can be only because she loves someone but he doesnot have the same feelings for her, Sanjana exclaims it is the pain which hurts the most, Arman explains it is really her victory that she got to suffer the pain of love, he says he knows how to make her feel lively, Arman going on the stage starts singing which makes Sanjana recall her love fo Dev sir, she starts thinking about him and even claps when he finishes the song.

Dev in anger is tearing all of the letters which Sanjana, he even orders the worker to clean the cabin exclaiming what has she made it into, he is sitting on the desk takes up the photo exclaiming that this is his entire family, and he would not let anyone come in between them all.

Sanjana is sitting at the table when the private detective comes explaining how her sister gave birth to a daughter at the hospital in Kolkata, he reveals the entire scenario to her when she finally gives him the fees, he leaves her, she takes out the photo from the envelope and is shocked to see that the it is Soha, she recalls how she met her in the house of Dev sir and it is Serendipity that she went to his house, and got to meet her niece Sohana.

Soha explains how Maa told her that they need to give water to the plants to keep them fresh, Gollu exclaims everyone has a plant but Dev forgot to bring one for him, Aayush then brings the pot saying papa brought this for him, Shuv taking the shower gun starts spraying it on everyone, Radha coming asks what is he doing, Shuv replies that Soha said this would keep them all fresh, Radha smiling asks if it would even keep her face fresh, she stands while he sprays water on her,

Ishwari comes running so stops Shuv asking what is he doing, Radha turning to Ishwar says she also needs this to keep her face fresh, Ishwari however walks away which worries Radha who questions what is worrying her so much, Ishwari explains that she is worried about Neha as she has not revealed anything to her. Radha assures Dev would take care of everything so she must not worry.

Dev sitting in the office calls the HR department, he asks if the post of the senior designer at the Mumbai office is still vacant, he suggests the name of Sanjana Arora for that office, Dev ending the call thinks Sanjana has proven her work in this office but the feelings which she is trying to express cannot be allowed so she needs to leave from this office. Dev is anxiously walking in his office.

Sonakshi is packing her bag, she receives a call from Dev so asks how did he call her, Dev replies he just wanted to see her face, Sonakshi asks if everything is fine as how is feeling so much love for her, Dev expresses how he really loves her, Sonakshi replies that he has not gotten over the Bollywood theme party when Dev says he has just expressed his love for her yet she is thinking of it as a joke, Sonakshi asks what was he saying before as she did not hear it properly, Dev also smiles then ends the call.

Bijoy is with Mishti when Alena enter with Vicky, she really loves the smell so says to Bijoy how she said she would come more often just because of the food, Bijoy asks Vicky to remember the last time when he came to his house, Vicky replies how he knows it has been a long time, Bijoy asks him to come and sit, Vicky explains how Alena desired to eat the Non Veg food made by the new PG so she also made him come along,

Sonakshi enters the house, she at once greets Mishti presenting the new gift which she brought for her.
Saurabh comes to greet Vicky questioning why did he come after so long, Vicky requests him to not beat him otherwise he would fall, Sonakshi asks about Ronita so Saurabh calls her, she comes informing how she really likes the market which Alena suggested as she bought the clothes for Mishti which are of good quality, Sonakshi starts recalling how Neha was so rude with her when she came back, she wonders why does she not have the same relationship with Neha as Ronita whom they both consider as a sister and not sister in law, she prays she had the same bonding with Neha.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st October 2021 Written Episode

Update Precap :Dev is with Sonakshi, she says that she was thinking about Sanjana and how she would look really nice with Jitin, Dev in the office exclaims he needs to talk with Sanjana, she replies she first needs to show him something, Sanjana takes out the photo of Soha, Dev asks what is her photo doing with Sanjana, she replies their daughter is her niece, Dev is left stunned hearing that Sanjana is the aunt of Soha.

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