Rishton Ka Manjha 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

The episode starts with Arjun getting into his car to check something and Ajit can’t see him. He closes the car door and Arjun notices him from behind. Inspector comes to Arjun’s house and asks how is he feeling now. Amitabh gets confused and Niharika assumes now big drama will happen as the inspector will talk about Arjun’s fight. Inspector explains what happened that day and how he saved Arjun from goons. Madhuri gets shocked to know that. Arjun calls Diya and asks her to meet him at once. He is waiting for her in the back yard. Diya says she can’t go out in between rituals as Mohan will get furious. Arjun says he doesn’t know anything, she will make excuse and meet him. Already one day is wasted. Diya asks Sobha for help and the latter says Arjun is giving priority to her ignoring his marriage. Sobha allows her to meet him. Diya hugs her.

Madhuri scolds Deepika for hiding about Arjun’s injury. Deepika says Arjun told her not to say anything as marriage preparations are going on. She was really scared for him. Madhuri gets upset and Amitabh says Arjun didn’t get serious injury else everyone would have seen. He is responsible for his condition and he fights with everyone in drunken state. Madhuri says she knows her son, he knows how to hide pain. Tina calms Madhuri saying Arjun is fine. She will look after him. Diya crosses wall and Arjun saves her from falling. They stare at each other. Arjun says they will leave for practice. Diya says Arjun will bring trouble for her. Arjun says her main focus should be on badminton match. He notices her cut and asks how it happened. He scolds her for being careless. He gives her his diary and tells her to note down strategies and rules for the match. He tells her to take rest for today. Diya asks him about his injury, he says he is fine. He tells her to meet him on Sangeet. They will practice at his home saying he will manage to train her.

Madhuri comes to Arjun and hides her pain and he says she should learn acting. Madhuri cries and says he disappointed her again. She shares her worries and Arjun says he is getting better she should not worry. Diya calls him and he says its Tina. Madhuri tells him to receive. Diya asks if he is okay. She is also good. Arjun says she should sleep now.

Rishton Ka Manjha 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

At Sangeet function Tina wears mehandi. Arjun comes and Madhuri compliments him. Diya also arrives and Tina says she is really happy to see her. Niharika taunts Diya saying she is looking pretty in this outfit given by Tina. Tina tells Diya to write Arjun’s name on her hand. Diya does that and Arjun notices her from behind the curtain. They look at each other. Madhuri gets irked seeing Diya and she says she wants to talk to her. Everyone looks for Arjun.

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