Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode started with Bhim Rao asking the policeman to come outside. At first the policeman refused, but Bhim Rao was stubborn. Finally, he agreed. Bhim Rao brought him outside, asked what was in the envelop. Bhim Rao doubted the policeman. The policeman refused to be lectured. Bhim Rao aggressively said that he believed in the law, he paved way for the policeman and fought everyone in his family for the law to find his father the legal way.

The policeman didn’t want to make urgent decisions. Bhim Rao requested him to find Ramji. The policeman had nothing in his control, Bhim Rao objected. He asked the policeman to lock him up, and he would stay there until the head comes to meet him. Anand and another policeman came. The policeman was told about Bhim Rao’s link with the governor. Policeman asked Bhim Rao and Anand to leave. Anand inquired. Bhim Rao had planned to follow the guy once he was released.

The guy came to his fellow kidnappers friends, they were confused. The man told him the entire story. They figured out that Bhim Rao acted smart, he would trace his location. Bhim Rao was standing behind. The men, Anand and Bhim Rao fought. They saw Ramji, who was unconscious. They tackled the men, fought their way. Anand fought with ta Bamboo stick. Bhim Rao had a knife to his neck. Ramji came, asking to leave Bhim Rao alone. The men told him about Ramji being sold out.

The man was about to attack Bhim Rao when police opened fire. Ramji gained conscious. Bhim Rao hugged him and cried. They reminisced their last meeting, when Bhim Rao left the house. Ramji said that he wasn’t dying. Rama gave him water, Anand covered Ramji with a cloth. The policeman questioned Ramji’s health.

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Bhim Rao thanked the policeman, asked how he figured out. The policeman has been serving for two decades, he knew he unlawful acts of his colleagues. He didn’t want people to lose faith, came here to help. Bhim Rao was grateful. Rama asked to take Ramji home. Bhim Rao and Anand supported Ramji to get up. Bhim Rao recalled his necessity to work, decided to leave. Ramji tried to stop him, but he left. Rama left consequently. Anand took Ramji home.

Bhim Rao went to his stall, asked Rama to take her siblings home. Rama said that Bhim Rao should have stayed beside Ramji, it must have hurt him. Bhim Rao knew that Ramji was against him working. Bhim Rao was well aware of his responsibilities, asked Rama to go home.

Joshi and his uncle came to the scene, Joshi was furious about the failure. Uncle went to police station, didn’t want their names to be taken.

Puranjan announced Ramji return. Manjula came running, hugged him. Jijabai and everyone else followed. Hitesh inquired where he was. Ramji was glad to have sons like Anand and Bhim Rao. The people were happy to see Ramji. The teamaker announced to sever free tea, to celebrate Ramji’s return. Meera asked who kidnapped him. Ramji didn’t know who their boss where but there were three men he heard voices of. Joshi said that he was Ramji’s boss, asked him to rest for the day and return to work. Rama came, he informed Ramji about being Bhim Rao’s boss as well. Joshi left. Ramji inquired Rama about what happened behind his back, Rama stared at Anand.

Anand was sitting in his room, Lakshmi asked him to take a bath. Anand was confused and worried, unable to figure out a remedy for all the troubles they have been facing. Jijabai said that being the lower caste they can not fight everyone, Lakshmi agreed. Jijabai asked him to interpret from their perspective as well, he would understand their concern.

At Night, Bhim Rao returned home. Ramji called him, asked Meera to bring out all the waste. Bhima bai used to say that Bhim Rao would become a star, but his son was doing everything opposite to it. Ramji was deluded, thought that his son would become an officer. Anand spent his entire life loving and supporting Bhim Rao. Manjula gave her gold chain for Bhim Rao’s education. Everyone in Satara who believed in Bhim Rao. All of that became a waste in front of Bhim Rao. Ramji asked him to sell all of it to Joshi.

Precap :

Bhim Rao looks for a job. Ramji asks him to cut of all relations with him. At night, Ramji fells down due to headache, Bhim Rao wishes to call a doctor. Ramji stops him.

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