Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Sanjana saying Dev that Suhana is her niece and that Minal Verma is her sister. She says that Minal married Rohit running away from home which is why her father sent her out of the house and broke ties with her. She says that she came there to search her only left over family her sister only to know that both she and husband are no more and that her child is swapped during birth. Dev recalls Rohit saying the same. Sanjana says that Suhana is her only relationship but Dev refuses to believe her story. He says that she’s spinning stories in order to make him accept her feelings. Sanjana gets heartbroken and says Dev that she will come back with proof and leaves.

At home, Balwant is playing guessing name of the cities using first letter. Ayush gets K and he says Kolkata. He also says that his mother told that her family lives in Kolkata. Dev recalls Sanjana saying the same. Suhana runs to Dev seeing him and is about to fall down but Dev catches her on time. He holds her protectively in her arm and says that he won’t let her go. He hugs his children. Ishwari takes all the kids to have food and Sonakshi notices Dev tensed. She asked the reason for it.

Dev is about to answer when Ranvir comes there. Everyone hurriedly greets him except Neha. Dev greets him in and asks him to join them for food. In the process, Sanjana’s transfer order lies on the floor. Sonakshi picks it and is about to ask Dev about it but Ishwari urges her to come fast to cook for Ranvir. She leaves for the same.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Sanjana acts mad throwing things away go find evidence to prove that she’s Suhana’s Maasi. She picks her picture and Sonakshi’s picture with Suhana. She crops it and says that how could Dev suspect her to be a liar. She says that she can’t let go off the last relationship left in this world for her. She says that Dev has his whole family but she only have Suhana. At Dixit’s House, Ishwari serves food to Ranvir and Ranvir complaints about the quantity to Sonakshi. He praises her for managing both work and house efficiently. Sonakshi gives the credit to Dev who always supported her.

He says Ishwari that she’s lucky to have a daughter in law like Sonakshi as many these days wants to move out of the house unable to adjust with joint family. Reena gets shocked seeing the room condition and asks Sanjana about the same. Sanjana complaints that her father burnt till the last proof that could prove that she’s Minal’s sister. She gets an idea. Ishwari asks Ranvir if there’s any problem between him and Neha for which he says hesitantly that Neha finds it difficult to take care of his old mother and wants to move out of the house. Neha lashes out at him for insulting her in front of everyone and leaves the place. Dev runs after her but she shuts the door. Ishwari looks on worried.

Precap :

Dev says to Sonakshi that Sanjana is the biological sister of Minal Verma shocking Sonakshi. Sanjana visits Ayush’s grandparents.

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