Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Nandini asking Parul about Rajvi, while she states that she haven’t seen her. Nandini gets worried and says that Rajvi is missing and everyone is searching for her. At that time Vini comes there and shows them the letter which she got. Nandini reads it and thinks it to be of Rajvi’s. Parul calls Guruji thinking that Rajvi might have gone to meet him but gets disappointed when he replies negatively. They becomes tensed, while Vini gets concerned for Rajvi. Nandini ask Parul to take care of Vini and goes to look for Rajvi.

Here, Charmi happily cancels her dress for the wedding. Shobhit gets shocked seeing her behaviour and ask if she won’t get ready for the wedding. She scolds him stating that his mother is missing and he is worried about the wedding. She also talks ill about Rajvi, while Shobhit rebukes her and declares that he won’t marry her. He leaves from there, while Charmi smirks.

Nandini hears their conversation and gets dumbstruck seeing Charmi’s reaction. She confronts her, whole latter starts her acting of being sad. She requests Nandini to bring Rajvi back s soon as possible.

Elsewhere, Vipul suspects Toral behind Rajvi’s missing. He questions her that of she is acting to be mentally ill? He confess that the decision in past was taken by him and Keshav. He says that Rajvi is innocent and ask Toral to return his wife. He begs her to leave his family and says that he can’t return her back the thing which he have taken from her. Chetan makes him calm and says that he doesn’t think Toral is involved.

Nandini gets concerned for Rajvi and thinks about telling the matter to Darsh. Meanwhile, Vipul takes Toral away from his room. Darsh sees and questions him, while he makes up a lie. Nandini came to tell Darsh about the situation, while he goes away stating that he have to prepare for the wedding.

Ahead, Shobhit shows his disappointed towards wedding in front of Vipul. He says that he won’t marry without Rajvi’s presence, while Parul comes there and assurs him that his mother will come back soon. She ask them to start the wedding.

Nandini decides to have a talk with Charmi. She gets inside her room but doesn’t find her. She gets shocked seeing Darsh’s picture in her room and gets suspicious. At that time Charmi’s phone rings and Nandini gets dumbstruck seeing Mrs. Patil’s call. Charmi comes back to her room, while Nandini hides from her. Charmi keeps looking for her phone and goes away to search it.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 2nd-Oct-2021Written Episode Update:

Further, Nandini tries to open Charmi’s phone and tries everyone’s birthdates. She gets shocked seeing it getting open by Darsh’s birthdate. She calls Mrs. Patil and gets astonished learning that Charmi was trying to cancel her wedding and taking Mrs. Patil’s hell, while latter also notify that Rawals were paying for Toral’s treatment since years. She grows suspicious about Charmi and concludes that she loves Darsh and is ploying against them.

Shobhit comes to Nandini and shares his worry. He states that he won’t marry without Rajvi and ask Nandini to do something to normalise everything. She questions him about his relationship with Charmi, to which he replies that she have changed a lot. At that time Darsh comes there and says that Rajvi isn’t in the temple also.

Here, Darsh goes inside Charmi’s room while she hugs him. She acts to be worried about Rajvi and ask him to bring her back. He consoles her, while Jhilmil comes there and gives fruits to Charmi. She ask why Charmi have asked her to cut papaya as it’s not good for the baby, to which Charmi scolds her only. Darsh leaves from there, whereas Charmi smirks thinking about getting Darsh.

Precap:- Bansuri tells something shocking about Charmi to Nandini and ask what she will do? Meanwhile, Toral takes Darsh towards a wall and makes him to hit it.

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