Bigg Boss 15 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

In today’s episode, Miesha tell to inmates that she was found of Pratik. Pratik and Miesha argues post latter felt, Pratik is interrupting her. Miesha cries . Pratik asks Miesha not to scream and do drama. Miesha leave the place. She talk with Vidhi and says Pratik is poking her.

4:45PM; Akasa advice Meisha to solve the issue with Pratik. Vishal asks Akasa not to advice as Meisha and Pratik can handle. Vidhi interrupts and says to Vishal he wasn’t there thus saying the same. Akasa support Vidhi.

6:15 PM; Vidhi tell to Karan about Pratik and Meisha. She tell to Kundra how the issue between du started. Vidhi says she is witness. Meisha tell that she alert Pratik not to come as she was about to change but he was poking her. Pratik’s poking is getting toxic.

7:45PM; Pratik confront Meisha and asks her if she is spreading that she is changing and he was looking at her. He asks Meisha not to spread such things at anyone can take it wrong. Karan, Prakash, Vidhi and other hear Meisha and Pratik’s argument. Meisha explain she was changing and Pratik entered despite she asked her not to. Vidhi interrupts and says as a third person she too felt Pratik’s intention was wrong. Pratik gets furious on Vidhi. Shamita asks everyone not to jump on one person as this is not right. She add Pratik’s intention was not wrong. Pratik says he intentionally entered as it was just happened in the heat of the moment.

Day 2 8 PMl Meisha and Pratik tries to resolve their issue.

8:15 pm; Karan and Jay talk with Pratik. Pratik says it is irking that Meisha is suddenly behaving like a stranger. Jay and

10:30PMl Donal talk with Akasa and asks her if she has some soft corner for Pratik. Akasa denied.

10:45PM; Meisha and Akasa talk with each other. Meisha asks Akasa to change her bed next to Simba.

Day 2 11 PM; Partik and Akasa talk. Akasa says she is great influencer and asks Vishal if she is. Vishal says to Akasa that she is a good singer.

12 AM; Vishal, Simba and Akasa talk about Nishant, Pratik and Shamita. Vishal says he like Shamita amid the three.

12:45AM; Donal says to Akasa and Meisha that she feel Akasa has a connection with Pratik. Meisha asks AKasa if she told anything to Donal. Akasa clear that only Donal believe she has soft corner for Pratik.

Day 3 8 AM; Inmates wake up on the song.

8:45 AM; Vishal says to Prakash that he trust only her and Jay. He asks to play along. Tejasswi and Vishal discuss to make

9 AM; Pratik says to Nishant that socks and shoe in common area is stinking. He says he likes to throw the stuffs in the pool but he is controlling.

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9:30 AM; Pratik asks for a shoe like there. Ishaan says it is his. Meisha says she will remove. Ishaan asks Meisha not to as he will take it out. Pratik advice Meisha to let everyone take their responsibility else she will keep picking up everyone’s stuff.

12:30 PM; Pratik shows his displeasure as inmates are not taking care of hygiene.

Later, Pratik and Jay argue post former asks everyone not to keep stuffs here and there. Jay says he doesn’t own the house. Heated argument happen between Jay and Pratik post latter asks Jay not to take it personally.

Day 3 1 PM; Bigg Boss says like he told before Shamita, Nishant and Pratik’s entry has brought trouble for them. He asks inmates to submit all their stuffs apart from basic essentials. Nishant and Shamita advice inmates what they can keep and what not.

2 PM; Pratik asks Umar to remove his head band as it doesn’t come under essential. Umar refuses to remove it. Afterwards, Pratik, Shamita and Nishant argue over what is essential and not. Shamita says girls can keep hair tie. Pratik refuse. Shamita says then boys can’t keep trimmer too.

2:45 PM; Jay and other argue over essentials. Vidhi asks Afsana not to interrupt as she is not talking sense. She asks Afsana not to push.

2:30 PM; Afsana says Vidhi claimed she was pushing her. She gets into heated argument with Vidhi. Vishal asks Afsana to touch and no one will come in between but don’t give fake threaten. Vishal and Afsana gets into an argument. Vishal try to console Afsana. Afsana asks Vidhi not to order her from next. Vidhi says she is not interested in talking with her. Both argues yet again. 

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