Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Naina telling Kajol would have took money from the company only maybe Kajol is hiding the truth from us. Naina tells we should not sell the car at a loss because father bought the car and we can give to other jawai of this house. Naina tells Chandrani once the car is sold God knows what Kajol will do with money and we won’t even have the car. Kajol tells Bishu she will free the press by selling the car and everything would be okay. Shyam tells the estimate of Bishu’s shraadh is 2-3 lacs. Kajol tells there would be no scarcity in the rituals and she will arrange everything. Kajol tells she found a very good buyer for the car and if the car gets sold she will be able to pay 80% of the company’s mortgage.

Kajol tells her mother to let her sell the car as 42lacs is a very big amount and it would free us of a very big headache. Chandana tells she has decided the car won’t be sold. Thakur Maa tells Kajol to let people speak and not care about it. Kajol tells she is worried about Naina as she saw her with Arjun. Thakur Maa tells you can only show her the right way and can’t force her.

Arjun calls Naina and flirts with her. Arjun tells Naina I love you and Naina tells she won’t say it so easily. Arjun tells he is scared if everything will be over before Naina speaks. Arjun tells his family wants to get him married and even today some girl is coming to meet him. Naina thinks she has to talk with Chandana soon about Arjun. Kajol thinks she won’t let Naina fall into Arjun’s trap after finding out his truth.

Kajol tells Rajesh none of us thought father will leave us so soon and now all the responsibility is on mother’s shoulder so she is worried. Rajesh tells now it’s month end and we have to give salary. Kajol tells what will she do now? Rajesh tells there is one person who can help us. Shreya tries calling Arjun but he keeps rejecting her call.

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Arjun tells Naina not to worry he won’t say yes to any girl. Rajesh tells Kajol we should talk with Anurag and if he wants he can help us. Kajol tells asking a favour from him like this is not acceptable to her. Rajesh tells we can approach him professionally and we should try atleast once. Kajol tells Rajesh to take an appointment with Anurag.

Kajol calls Anurag. Anurag rejects her call and starts thinking why is she calling. Naina tells Arjun that Kajol caught us but she does not care. Arjun tells if she is jelaous what can we do. Anurag thinks of calling Kajol. Kajol calls Anurag to meet him and he akss her to come to his office on time. The episode ends with Arjun tearing Kajol’s picture and thinking now he will take his revenge from Kajol by taking away Naina.

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