Molkki 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Juhi asks Nurse about that guy. Nurse informs her that he is fine and tells her that the latter’s family must be searching her and asks her that where the latter living. Juhi replies that they lives in NGO but don’t know the address. Nurse tells her that now only Police can help them to find their address and she takes Kids from there.

On the other hand, Purvi gives missing complaint to Police inspector. Virendra asks Purvi that what happened to Kids. She tells him that Kids are missing. He asks her that how can the latter be so irresponsible. He asks Police inspector to find his Kids.

Nurse brings Kids there. Purvi hugs Kids and asks them that where they went. Nurse praises Kids saying that they saved one person’s life by admitting him in the hosptial. Juhi notices Sakshi and hugs her. Then Manas runs towards Sakshi. Sakshi hugs her Kids. Juhi tells Sakshi that she is happy that the latter returned. Sakshi tells her that she will stay with them until she finishes her work. Then Kids hugs Virendra. Sakshi takes Kids outside.

Virendra tells Purvi that he want to give Kids custody to her because anything can happen with him. She asks him to not say like this because nothing will happen. He tells her that he believes that she will take care of Kids more than Sakshi that’s why he want to give Kids custody to her. She asks him to not think about all this because he will return to home soon and everything will be fine.

Later, Sudha tells Kids that she got worried. Juhi apologizes to everyone. Sudha tells them that she is glad that they are fine. Sakshi tells Kids that they should return to palace. Purvi asks Sudha to pack her clothes. Sudha refuses to go to palace and tells her that she knows that Veer and Priyashi left for London. Purvi tells her that the latter is Veer’s wife so she has full rights to stay in palace. Sudha tells her that Veer left her so she will live her life as per her wish. Purvi supports her decision.

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Saksh, Purvi and Kids reaches the palace. Kids hugs Prakashi. Juhi asks Prakashi that is the latter doing fine. Prakashi tells her that she is not fine but she will recover completely seeing them. Kids goes to their room. Prakashi asks Anjali to find a way to separate Sakshi and Purvi. Sakshi tells Purvi that they should hire a Lawyer as soon as possible.

Next day, Sakshi and Purvi approaches many Lawyers and everyone refuses to take Virendra’s case. One assistant tells Purvi about Lawyer Arjun and he is in their village only now and gives his address to her. Purvi goes to school for Kids admission.

Sakshi meets Lawyer Arjun. He misunderstands that she is maid and asks her to start her work. She introduces herself to him and tells him about Virendra’s case. He refuses to take the case. She tells him that she learnt that he never lost any case that’s why she came to meet him. He tells her that he don’t work for money and asks her to not glare him and get out. She leaves the house and thinks that how she is going to save Virendra now.

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