Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Simar Aditi and Sandhya try to hide when they saw their car coming towards them. When the car stops infront of them they get worried. Aarav comes out of the car. Aditi hugs him, Aarav tells her that how could she think that he will marry him with a man who doesn’t respect her. He said that he will support his mother and sister and he doesn’t know whether he is right or wrong. Aarav says that he will take Aditi to his destination.

Roma looks at the windy weather and prays for Lalit. Aarav arrives at the Narayan resident, he stays outside and ask Simar to take them inside. Gagan gets up when he hears knock on the door. Indu and Avinash opens the door. They are shocked to find Simar at the door. Avinash questions Sandhya why they came so late, Sandhya tells him that her daughter Aditi loves their son Gagan very much. Gagan hears their conversation and goes inside his room.

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Reema tells to Vivaan that she loves him very much, she tells him that they will forget everything and start a new beginning. Vivaan shouts at her and tells her that he cannot forgot that she loves Aarav. Reema is shocked to hear this. Manoj get a call from the wedding venue that due to wind all the preparation are demolished. Shobha tells him that tomorrow only she will do Vivek wedding it will not stop at anycost. She prays that if something have to go wrong then that should happen at Oswal Mansion and not at her house.

Sandhya tells to Indu and Avinash that she bought her daughter here as she loves Gagan very much. She begs infront of them to accept Aditi as their daughter-in-law. Avinash says that he is unable to understand. Sandhya tells them that she have kept some jewelry for As diti she shows them. Avinash tells her that by accepting this he cannot angry Geetanjali Devi. As they all know what will be the circumstances of this decision. Simar goes to call Gagan but he locked his door.

Aarav gets a voice message from Geetanjali Devi asking him to give papers to Ranaji before the wedding. He goes inside the Narayan house. Simar comes and informs that Gagan’s room is locked. Indu says that Gagan never locks his room. Avinash goes and brings Gagan down. Aditi is happy to see Gagan. Sandhya tells him taht she bought Aditi to him as Aditi loves him. She ask his answer what he wants and also tells him that she will fight with everyone to protect them and support them and now it hardly matters what others think of them. Everyone ask answer from Gagan.

Sandhya tells to Gagn to say that he wants to marry Aditi. Gagan tells that he doesn’t love Aditi. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Reema tells to Vivaan athar before she doesn’t know what was love but he let her know the real love and now she loves him madly. Vivaan tells her that she only used him to enter this house, he said that he doesn’t love her anymore and she is dead for him. Reema is shocked while Vivaan leaves from there.

Gagan confesses to everyone that he doesn’t love Aditi. He apologies to Aditi and Sandhya. He tells that whatever Geetanjali Devi have done with his fami5and his father, he used Aditi just to take revenge from her. Aditi is traumatise to hear this. Aarav also hears his confession and turns Gagan towards him.

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