Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode starts with Sandhya telling Aarav that tomorrow is not Aditi’s marriage with Mohit. She is taking him to Gagan. Aarav stops him. Sandhya says I am her mother and don’t dare to stop her mother, today she will not stop. Aarav says Maa, do you know what are you doing?

You are going against Badi Maa’s decision which she took for Aditi. He asks Simar if she is with them. Sandhya says Simar is not answerable for this, this is my decision. Aarav says you knows well, what will be the result of your step, how badi maa will take it, her reaction. Sandhya says I don’t care, I just care for my daughter, if this marriage happens then she will feel suffocated and die. She says she is going to marry such a person, whom she doesn’t love and says Mohit doesn’t respect woman,

why only women will sacrifice here in this house to save house respect. She says today I refuse to obey such rules and kick them out. Aarav says what happened to you Maa? Sandhya says I didn’t say this before, as I was a machine, make breakfast, get the house cleaned, make food again and work for everyone and don’t say anything. She says I did this since 25 years, and when today truth is coming out from my mouth, you can’t digest being Oswal.

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Sandhya says if you have the values given my me, then don’t stop me, else you will lose your mother too, along with your sister. Aarav says I am sorry Maa, and stops them still. He says I can’t let you do this. He asks Simar if she was with them. Simar says you don’t know the truth and says the guy whom Aditi is going to marry, raised questions on her purity. Aarav is shocked and moves from their way. Sandhya says I hope this from you. She asks Aditi to come. Simar, Aditi and Sandhya start leaving. They step out of the house. Sandhya steps out first, followed by Aditi. Simar looks at Aarav and says thank you Aarav ji. She also steps out and goes behind them. Aarav nods his head and gets teary eye

Badi Maa talks to Rana ji. Rana says I can understand that the marriage is on the head and says few things can’t be ignored. He says Mohit and I have thought about the business to start for him, and says if you can give the Noida plot to him then it would be good. Gajendra tries to stop Badi Maa. Badi Maa says ok, it will be done. He says I will tell Mohit that his mother in law is having a big heart. Gajendra says Rana ji is opening his mouth wide. Badi Maa says we are paying a price for our respect,

which Aditi ruined by eloping with that guy. Sandhya, Simar and Aditi are going out, when Badi Maa sees the wind blowing and comes to close the window. Simar calls auto. Badi Maa couldn’t see them, but can see only the auto. The auto goes. Simar says we will get another auto. Gajendra gets teary eyes. Badi Maa asks why are you getting teary eyes. He says tomorrow is her bidaai. Badi Maa says it will be a big day for her, and says sadly my grand children remember about my strict rules only. She says lets go and sit in her room for sometime, so that she don’t take bad memories from here.

Simar, Aditi and Sandhya are still walking on the road. Badi Maa comes to Aditi’s room and looks at her bed. They think she is sleeping seeing the blanket (covered on the pillows). Gajendra says I will wake her up. Badi Maa says let her sleep. They go out of her room and she asks Gajendra to sleep, tomorrow is big day for you. Vivaan is about to go to his room and thinks of Aarav’s words, that go and confront her being Oswal. He gets inside his room and sees Reema sitting on the decorated bed, wearing the same bridal dress as she worn for their marriage. She thinks of her and her words.

He asks if this is your new game and if it is, then hear me carefully, and says you have played many games and broken my hearts so many times, I can’t take it anymore. Reema holds his hands and says I know that I did many mistakes, but I realize all my mistakes. She says give me a chance, I will rectify all my mistakes and will prove that this is not game, but my love for you, true love. He takes back his hand and is about to leave. Reema asks him to hear her once and holds his legs. She says I was selfish and didn’t value your love, but now I know that I just wants you,

after losing you, I have realized that my life is meaningless without you and I love you very much. She says I will make everything fine, she hugs him and asks her to trust him. She thinks of the video in which she has confessed to used him to get Aarav and to take revenge from him. He asks her to leave him. Reema says I really love you. He frees himself and goes to change his clothes. He ruins the decoration and sits on the bed. He then rests on the bed after setting off the candles. Reema cries and looks on.

Aditi says someone might come behind us from home. Simar tries to get auto, but in vain. Aarav comes there in the car. Aditi gets scared seeing their house car and asks what we will do. Simar asks them not to worry and says lets walk, we will not look behind. Aarav stops the car. Simar looks at him.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap

Sandhya asks Gagan to tell her once, that he loves Aditi and wants to marry her. Gagan says no, I used her and never loved her. Aditi is shocked. Aarav slaps Gagan. Simar slaps him and breaks relation with Gagan.

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