Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 2nd October 2021 Episode starts with the lights going off. Dada ji says check the main switch. Kabir and Angad come dancing and singing…. Tauba tera jalwa….plays… Amrita laughs. Everyone laughs and claps for them. Nimmo and Saroj can’t control and dance with them. Amrita and Guneet get surprised. Dada ji says you didn’t tell me about this Dhamaka iteam. Kabir says it was Pritam’s idea. Angad says yes, he suggested this song and taught these dance steps.

Dada ji says Pritam, you should have told me also, I would have done it. Kabir says Pritam said, do something that brings a smile on Amrita’s face. Soni says wow, then you also dance. Pritam says no. Amrita says you have to dance now, we shall see, how the teacher dances, its my day, my decision will be followed. Mansoor signs yes to Pritam. Everyone claps and cheers for Pritam. Pritam signs and dances with Kabir and Angad.

Everyone looks at Pritam. Pritam ends the song seeing Amrita. He goes and stands silently. Amrita claps. Everyone claps. They all smile. Pritam smiles. Meera gets ready. She records a sweet video message for Amrita….. I wish the best for the baby, I love you so much. She gets emotional and cries. She asks Divya to edit the video and send to Amrita. Divya gets sad. Kabir says we will have games. Soni says we will celebrate all night.

Angad says we kept 15 baby items in the box, you will be shown it once, then you will have to remember and write the names. They agree. Amrita asks what’s inside. Angad says write it, we will see your memory. Kabir gives a paper to Pritam. Pritam says its okay, you all game. Mansoor says don’t refuse, its a happy occasion. Kuljeet asks Pritam to come. Angad puts the things on the table. Everyone sees the items. Angad says time starts now. He says time is up, no one will write now.

He checks what everyone has written. He says Nimmo just wrote five, Guneet just wrote four. Guneet says you kept everything so soon. Pammi says I wrote six. Kabir says raise hands if anyone wrote more than tea. Pritam, Dada ji and Amrita raise hands. Pritam sees Amrita and doesn’t raise hand. Kabir and Angad check Dada ji’s paper and says you always cheat, four items are wrong. They laugh. Mansoor says this man will never change. Amrita gives her paper. Soni says wow, you wrote the 12 items.

Angad says all are right. Everyone claps for her. Amrita laughs. Kabir says she knows baby items well. Nimmo says the game winner is Amrita. Guneet sees Pritam hiding the paper. He asks why are you hiding your paper, show it. Pritam says I wrote less, anyways she won. Kuljeet says but show it. Pritam says let it be. Soni asks didn’t you write any name. Angad checks the paper. Baljeet jokes.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

He says oh, Pritam told all the 15 names, all correct. Everyone gets surprised. Dada ji asks are you a man or a computer. Kabir says the game winner is Pritam, congrats. Amrita claps for him. Dadi asks why did you hide the paper when you had won. Pritam says its her day, I thought it will be better if she wins. Kuljeet says Amrita gets happy for others’ win, she has a big heart, congrats.

The police squad reaches there. The man calls Inspector and says Pritam is here. Inspector says Sakhujas are involved, I m waiting for the warrant, I will come when I get it. He ends call and says Pritam, I will get you in the lockup. Soni says we will play second game. Saroj says we will start rasam. Mansoor says let the kids enjoy. Soni says game name is copy cats, all the ladies have to imitate their husbands, Pammi is coming first. Baljeet asks will you imitate me. Pammi says its a game. She goes and acts like Baljeet.

Everyone claps for Pammi. They joke on Baljeet. Mansoor says I told you Pritam, this house will change you. Pritam holds him and smiles. Soni says Saroj is coming now. Amrita says I know mum imitates dad a lot. Kuljeet says I don’t do anything such. Saroj imitates him. Amrita hugs her. Kuljeet says you hear my talks with customers, not very good. Angad says its good Pritam, you aren’t married, else you would have become a joke as well.

Mansoor looks at Pritam. Soni says now Nimmo is coming. Nimmo says I won’t do. Dadi says she is boring, I will act as Dada ji. She acts. They all laugh. Dada ji says my jokes have standards. Mansoor jokes. Dadi and Dada ji argue. Amrita says let it be, I will do Karan’s acting now. Everyone looks at her.

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