Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

 Episode starts with Nupur crying and saying Milind won’t come, I got late in this try. Reema says maybe he got stuck in traffic. Nupur says he won’t come, I will go and say sorry to the kids. She goes to the kids. Nupur says sorry, I can’t see the performance, I have to go. Chiku says please wait for some time, we are ready, we want to perform dance for you. Nupur says no. Milind comes and says stop when kids are saying, let them perform. The kids see Milind.

Nupur goes to Milind. Chiku says I feel I met this uncle before. Tanki says I didn’t see him. Chiku says but I feel so. Nupur says you have come, I thought you won’t come, thanks for coming, come and meet the kids, you will be glad. She introduces the kids. Nupur says Chiku has given this idea of a dance performance on our anniversary. Milind thanks Chiku for the gift. Chiku smiles.

Reema says you have to see the performance now, lets get started. Milind and Nupur sit. He asks do you come here every day to meet the kids. She says yes, its a good place right. Rangoli says I will prepare now. Chiku and the kids dance. Tai tai fish…plays… Chiku pours the kerosene outside the gate. Chiku drops the smoke ball there. It gets smoky. Rangoli looks at the building. Tanki asks what did you throw, we have to go from the back door and come from the front door. Chiku says yes, come. They all go. Milind asks what’s this smoke.

Nupur says maybe its a part of their dance, they are smart kids. He says you are right, you said I will feel good meeting the kids, the kids are good and talented. She says yes, I know last few weeks were stressful for you and Aai, I really wanted you to see why I come here.

She says Aai would have got angry that you came here. He recalls Aai scolding him. Milind says don’t make this your and Nupur’s fight, I want to give another chance to my marriage. Aai says I m not against your relation, I don’t care for the society, I want your happiness, its time to give a chance to your happiness. She says I feel hurt seeing you cry, worry for your own happiness, you want to become a father again, Nupur has refused for that, you have to be determined. He says you taught me to keep the family united, you never left dad,

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

you kept a relation with him always, how shall I end my 12 year marriage without giving a chance, I m following your teachings, please let me go. She says Milind, I didn’t leave your dad, because we stood by each other, Nupur didn’t do this, she left you alone, go if you want to go, remember one thing, you will be hurt when you go to her. FB ends.

Kids say we will surprise Nupur. Chiku sees the locked door. She says we will open the door. Tank asks how did you get this. Chiku says I have stolen it, I mean I freed it, I m joking. She recalls what Rangoli said. Rangoli says I gave a little work, you couldn’t do that, how will I ignite the fire. Chiku says I will just come, stay here.

She goes out and releases the balloons. Rangoli sees the red balloon. She says amazing Chiku, the door is opened, you did your work, I will do my work. She ignites the fire. Chiku comes back and says I can’t tell anything now, forgive me, I had no other way. Sulab asks what did you do. The orphanage is set on fire. Chiku opens the lock. She thanks Bappa. She pulls the door. She asks them to help. They all try to open the door.

Sulab says there is another lock to this door. Chiku gets shocked seeing the lock. Rangoli says why didn’t Chiku get the kids. Nupur says the kids didn’t come. She asks Reema where are they. Reema says I don’t know. Milind says its smell of something burning. The guard comes and says the building caught fire. They take the other kids outside, and rush out. Chiku gets angry. Tanki asks why are you angry. They get shocked seeing the fire.

Chiku says calm down, nothing will happen. Rangoli says open the door Chiku, don’t fail my plan, get the kids out. She sees the kids coming out. Nupur asks where are Chiku and her friends, they maybe in the storeroom. Milind holds her hand and says come with me. They rush inside. Chiku says don’t worry, I will take you out. Rangoli stops. Her inner self appears and scolds her. She says let the kids die, its good you chose your life, they aren’t your kids, you aren’t their mummy. Chiku says close your eyes and pray to Bappa. The kids pray. Nupur shouts Chiku. They see Nupur and Milind. Nupur says don’t get scared, we will take you out of here.

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 2nd October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap

Milind saves Chiku and brings her out. He faints down. Nupur shouts Milind. Doctor says much smoke got filled inside, he got choked, he needs treatment soon, else he will die. Chiku says I will pray for him. Nupur hugs her and cries.

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