Udariyaan 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode starts with Tejo saying its a new start from today, mission Simran begins, I should not delay in bringing Simran home. Gurpreet makes some sweets. Tejo comes and says it smells good, wow desi ghee pinniyaan, its my fav. Gurpreet says Simran’s also. Tejo asks shall I pack some. Gurpreet says yes, I made for children. Tejo packs the tiffin. She says Bebe used to make such pinniyaan, I will take it for Simran. Gurpreet says I was thinking the same.

Tejo says maybe I got six months to fulfill my promise of bringing Simran home, you get ready to welcome her. Gurpreet asks what will you do. Tejo says its a secret. Gurpreet says bless you, you take care of everyone a lot. Fateh looks for something. He calls out Jasmin. He says I kept a red colour file, it had students info, its imp.

She says I don’t know. He says I will check in dad’s study. He calls Raju and asks him to look for file in his cabin. He bumps into Tejo. Her file falls. He sits to pick. Their heads hit. He says Tejo, its sad that if the heads aren’t hit again, then friendship breaks, so one more time. She says no need, if you don’t get the file, check mail, I have mailed you the details. She goes.

Fateh says I m going to the academy, I have much work, if you come, it will help. Fateh says not today, I m tired, I don’t want to. He looks at her. She says no, I had thought to help aunty ji in work, you asked me to do work and impress everyone. He says I didn’t say impress, I asked you to win their hearts. She asks him to listen. He asks what is it. She asks if you don’t go to academy today, we will chill, so many problems are happening, Tejo isn’t here. He says I have a meeting. She says please.

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Khushbeer comes and asks why are you not focussing on academy, leave this useless things and focus on academy, this academy is of Virk family, working people get salary, your fun is just for 6months, if you get divorced, then you will not have any relation with the academy, you won’t get anything, I don’t trust you. He goes. Fateh also leaves. Jasmin thinks I will do something that you will be embarrassed to take Tejo’s name. Tejo is at the college. She talks to her students. She asks them to revise well. She calls Simran and asks how are you doing.

Simran asks how are you, I m okay. Tejo asks do you want to have aunty ji’s handmade pinniyaan. Simran says dad will get angry if he knows. Tejo says I will hear his scolding, do you want to eat the pinniyaan. Simran says yes, come here soon. Tejo says I have a condition, keep Candy ready, I will come home and tell you. She thinks I have started my attempts to unite Simran and family, please help me Baba ji.

Jasmin doesn’t have a new dress. She says I have to shop for Soni’s engagement. She gets Sweety’s call and asks her to come, they will go shopping. Sweety says if everything between Tejo and you was fine, then my work would have got done easily, Tejo sets the question papers for 6 colleges, Setu said the papers will be tough, you should have asked Tejo, it would have helped Setu. Jasmin says to hell with Tejo and her papers. She thinks and says Sweety, I love you, call me like this sometimes, I got an imp work, I will call later. She ends call. She says I got an amazing idea, everyone will hate Tejo, no one will forget her ever.

Tejo and Candy come home. Candy says wow, such a big house, whose house is it. Tejo says ours, did you like it. He says yes, I have to play bat and ball. Mahi comes and plays with him. Amrik also joins. Gurpreet and everyone come. Khushbeer asks who is he. Candy says Nana ji. Tejo says he calls every elder as Nana ji. Khushbeer asks whose child is he. Tejo says he is my colleague’s son, she is busy in a new assignment, I thought he will come here for few hours in the afternoon.

He says its fine, what’s your name. Candy says Candy. Khushbeer says its a sweet name. Candy says candy will be sweet. Jasmin looks on and says who did she get, she always keeps the family busy, do anything, I will do what I have to do. Tejo says Candy, I will make you meet everyone. She introduces the family members. Candy says he looks like Nana, his hair are white, uncle has black hair. Khushbeer says fine, call me Nana ji, my children didn’t give me happiness that someone calls me Dada ji and Nana ji, I feel I have an old relation of heart with this kid.

Candy eats the pinniyaan/laddoo. Amrik says your stomach can burst. Candy lies on the ground and says pinniyaan are fighting in the tummy, I m making a place for them. They all laugh. They play in the lawn. Candy runs. Everyone smiles. Tejo keeps her bag in the room and goes. Jasmin looks on and says go Tejo, you change clothes, I will change the game here. Fateh comes home. He sees Candy.

Tejo goes out of the room. Jasmin gets in and switches on the laptop. Fateh says Tejo, his kid, I think I saw him, who is he. She says you met me, Candy, when you came to pick me. He says oh, right. She says his mummy got a new assignment, he will come here in the afternoon for few days. Fateh goes. Jasmin checks the files. Candy says you all did cheating, you will be punished.

He makes the men do sit ups. Tejo laughs and clicks pics. Jasmin tries to get the file in the pendrive. The pendrive doesn’t work. She checks for pendrive in Tejo’s bag. Jasmin’s pendrive falls there. Gurpreet says you did good by getting the boy here, everyone is happy. Nimmo says yes, if the situation was good, we would have asked Tejo to get her bal gopal. Tejo says Mahi, take care of Candy, I will send an urgent mail and come. She goes to her room. Jasmin tries another pendrive.

Tejo says he called Khushbeer as Nana ji and won his heart. Simran says I don’t know how to thank you, I m worried that you and dad can take tensions. Tejo says don’t worry, this won’t happen. Jasmin copies the question paper file. She says Tejo, see how your Papa cuts your wings. She sees Tejo coming. Tejo opens the door and looks on.

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