Udariyaan 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode starts with Rupy asking Tejo did she think well. Tejo says yes. He asks what is Jasmin doing here. The lawyer greets them and asks them to come. Fateh says stay here, I don’t want any other drama inside. Jasmin nods. Judge checks the papers. She asks Mrs. Virk why do you want the divorce, did anyone pressurize you. Tejo says no. Judge asks did you sign by your wish. Tejo says yes, its my decision. Judge asks what’s the reason for the divorce.

Fateh says my mistakes, I have made many mistakes, I don’t want my wife, I mean Tejo to get the punishment. Jasmin sees Abhiraj and turns. She says why is it taking time, they should sign and come out fast. Tejo says when there is no love left between husband and wife, its better to end it. Judge asks are your families in favor of this divorce. Khushbeer says no, I don’t want this divorce to happen, I know my son made mistakes, I know he will realize it one day and regret. Rupy says I want my daughter to live with respect. Gurpreet says I just want my son to not leave the house by being unhappy with his marriage. Satti says I want my daughter’s happiness. Judge asks what do you want. Fateh says Tejo is not just a good wife, but also a good person, good partner, good friend, she has all the good qualities, she always supported me, this marriage didn’t happen by our wish, we had to listen to family and agree for this marriage, Tejo is a very good wife, but I couldn’t become a good husband, I have lost my best friend. Tejo cries and says marriage is such a relation where two families are linked, their respect and pride are also linked, if a mistake ends everything, then it should be stopped there. Judge says after listening to you all, and these two, my decision is…..

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Everyone leaves. Simran and Buzo stand far and look on. Jasmin asks did divorce happen, are we free now. Rupy says don’t get much happy. She asks what happened. Khushbeer asks shall we tell everything here, we will go home and talk, come Tejo. Jasmin asks where are you taking her, she should go with mum and dad. He says she is going to her house. Fateh says Jasmin, Tejo will stay at home, its court’s decision. Simran and Buzo smile. Jasmin asks what, but why.

FB shows judge saying the court is giving you another chance, try to understand the problems and try to keep the relation, court gives six months time to Fateh and Tejo, you both will stay together, try to make the relation stronger, next hearing will be after six months. Fateh sees Tejo. They leave. FB ends. Fateh holds Jasmin’s hand and takes her. Tejo looks on. Simran thanks Lord. Tejo and Abhiraj come to a Gurudwara. They pray.

Tejo recalls Fateh. Fateh is at home. He sits thinking. Jasmin asks what’s Tejo’s problem, she isn’t going from our lives. Tejo washes the utensils. Fateh says its a matter of six months. Jasmin says you think six months will pass easily, we can’t marry or go to Canada. Abhiraj says I feel suffocated thinking of it, don’t you feel so. Tejo says I feel suffocated. Fateh says accept this and think what to do next. Tejo says I take a step, and life takes me back, don’t know when will this end. Jasmin says apply for a job, maybe court allows you to go to Canada, once you get divorced, we will go to Canada. He says we will see then, I don’t want a drama every day. She says its not possible when Tejo is here. Tejo says I didn’t wish this to happen. Abhiraj says you will succeed in your attempt, you will come out of this bad times, you can’t break down, don’t lose courage, your brother will always stand by you, don’t think you are alone. Tejo cries and says thanks, the relations always encourage me to move on. Fateh says Jasmin, you would have understood how much everyone loves Tejo, no one welcomed her, she worked hard to win their hearts, Khushbeer loves her more than me, she won’t go, you can try to win their hearts instead hating Tejo. He leaves. Satti says come home Tejo, I asked Lovely to make your fav kadi, how will you stay here seeing them. Tejo says I m sure that there is some reason behind this, I have to fulfill some promises made to them, once I do that, I will come back. Satti asks what. Tejo says a mum and daughter can’t live without each other, I have to make that daughter reach her mum, I will tell you later, I had promised some kids that I will take their tuitions, I will go. She hugs Satti.

Khushbeer recalls Tejo’s words and says did I do wrong to keep Tejo here, did I force her to save this house’s happiness, maybe we got selfish, maybe we did wrong, knowing what she wants. Satti says I know what Tejo is going through. Rupy says maybe I was wrong to ask her to stay there and fight for her right. Gurpreet says we all did wrong, Fateh did wrong, he isn’t bad at heart, fate did this, maybe Lord didn’t make them for each other. Rupy says I wanted her to stay here and fight for her right, then I wished that judge gives divorce decision and Tejo comes back home, she shouldn’t bear the insult there. Khushbeer says we will not stop Tejo after six months if she wants to go, I just want to see her happy. Gurpreet says me too.

Mahi asks Tejo where was she. Tejo says I called for classes. Mahi blindfolds her. She takes her to the dining table. She removes the blindfold. Tejo sees the family. She asks what’s all this. Dada ji says to welcome you. She asks why, its not your special sunday. Khushbeer says its a special day to make you happy, we will present whatever you like, you gave us much happiness, now our turn. Everyone sits. Khushbeer and Dada ji serves the food. Tejo smiles. Gurpreet says wait Tejo, let Amrik come. Amrik comes with a tiffin. Amrik says Sandhu special kadi. Gurpreet says your plate would be incomplete without Satti’s handmade kadi. Mahi jokes. Amrik asks should we laugh. They all laugh. Jasmin and Fateh hear the family talks. Khushbeer says its ladies special day, serve them. Amrik says fine.

Jasmin asks what’s your fav, tell me, I will cook that tomorrow, then we will have fun and eat. Fateh sits sad. She says think and tell. He thinks I m staying at home, but got away from everyone. Tejo says its good. She gets a call. She says some weak students want my help, I thought to start online tuitions. Mahi says she is famous in the college. Khushbeer says I know, she is sensible, I want you to progress well, you kept my respect, my child got me insulted. Jasmin says they are still chanting her name, especially this Gabbar. She thinks I have to do something that Tejo falls in their sight, Gabbar makes her out himself.


Jasmin is doing something on a laptop and says if this idea works, then everyone will hate Tejo so much that they will never trust her again. Tejo enters and sees Jasmin. Jasmin gets scared seeing Tejo.

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