Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st -Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode starts with Simar telling Reema that the decoration is done. Reema thanks her and asks how can you heart be so big, has love, affection, care and forgiveness for everyone. She asks how can you be so strong? Simar says Reema di is the reason and asks if she heard her name. Reema smiles. Simar praises her to be strong and a fighter. She says my Di protects me more than my brother. She reminisces the childhood incident that Reema pulled ear of a guy who had troubled her (Simar). Aditi thinks if Gagan haven’t come to meet me.

She thinks about Mohit’s words and thinks he is not a nice boy. Sandhya comes there calling Aditi. Aditi tells Sandhya that Mohit is not a good guy and asks her not to get her married to him. Sandhya says enough, don’t make excuses. I am very tired. Aditi says he asked me, if any stranger man touched me? Sandhya asks what did you say? he asked you all this? She asks how dare he to ask such a cheap question from our daughter. She asks Aditi to say. Aditi falls. Sandhya holds her and asks if this is truth? Aditi cries and tells that this is the truth. She hugs her and cries.

Roma misses Lalit and messages him. Divya’s father asks everyone to join them for engagement. Divya’s mother says first tika will happen. Rajendra says Vivek’s bhabhi will do tika and asks Roma to come. Shobha stops Roma and tells Divya’s father that Roma is having reaction with sindoor and asks Divya’s friend to do the tika. She says when you come home, then happiness will come, else others try to kick out happiness. Divya’s friend does the tika of Divya and Vivek. Vivek and Divya exchange rings. Everyone smiles. Roma also smiles.

Simar says my sister is tigress. Reema says I remember everything. Simar says such things become our back bone. Reema says you had given the fitting reply to that guy that day, and says you are the best girl and says there is nobody who will not like you. Simar says they might like me, but want to become like you, brave and fearless. Reema asks if you will make me cry. She asks her to help her in controlling her bad habits and says I will control your habits which make you weak and emotional.

Simar says we will become each other support. Reema says Maa and Papa wanted this. They have a hug. Simar feels happiness as they patch up. Reema thinks Police might come and take her from there. Simar says I will go and asks her to get ready, as Vivaan ji might be coming home, and asks her to confess her love to him. She says all the best and tomorrow, I want to know everything in detail. Reema feels shy and smiles.

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Aditi says he is a very bad person, if I get married to him, then my life will be ruined. Sandhya says why didn’t you tell us before the engagement. Now the engagement has happened, what about Oswal family’s respect. Aditi asks what about my respect, she says he will steal all my respect and soul.

She asks if that is okay with you? She says you are my Maa and loved me, since you didn’t see me and when I was in your womb. She asks if you will not protect me, how can you handover me to that dirty man, and asks her to stop this marriage. Sandhya cries. Aditi holds her legs and cries. Sandhya goes from there. Aditi says your Aditi is not lying, I will die if I marry him. Sandhya sits in the temple area of the house and recalls Aditi’s words. She recalls little Aditi asking her if she will save her and asking if she is with her. Sandhya says it is good that you took stand for yourself, but don’t fight with anyone.

Aditi asks her to promise and think first as her mother. Sandhya recalls promising her. fb ends. She wipes her tears and folds hands before Mata Rani. She takes out some jewellery and shawls for them. She comes to Aditi’s room. Aditi says I didn’t lie, that guy was very bad. Sandhya says the men world is very strict and the ladies hearts are very delicate, it is every mother’s duty to protect her daughter. She says time has come to stop treating our daughter as animals and tell the world that they are not our wealth, but equally human being.

She says she will become her shield so that no man will look at her with bad eyes, even if I have to fight with this house and the world, I won’t let my daughter’s respect ruined. Aditi thanks her and says you are the one who understood me and believed me. Sandhya says I understand everything and asks her to come, says they have to leave, don’t have much time. Aditi says where? Sandhya asks if Gagan loves you. Aditi says yes, he had come today to meet me, but Simar bhabhi lied that he came to give some stuff. She says even his heart is broken like mine.

Sandhya asks if he will accept you and will give you love and respect, which you deserve. Aditi says Gagan will accept me and has same values as Simar. Sandhya says ok, I will get you married to him, where you will get love and respect, both. Aditi asks are you taking me to Gagan? Sandhya says if I don’t do this today, then will repent all life. She says I will not sacrifice my daughter for this house respect. She gives her shawl.

Aditi wears shawl. Sandhya also wears shawl and they come out of the room. Badi Maa and Gajendra come down. Badi Maa asks why mandap is not set, marriage is in the morning. Gajendra assures her. Badi Maa says nothing wrong shall happen. Aditi and Sandhya try to hide from them and break the vase mistakenly. Gajendra says I will check. Simar comes there and sees Sandhya and Aditi. She tells Gajendra that she has kept milk in his room. Gajendra says I will drink.

Badi Maa says it is inauspicious if glass piece breaks. Simar sees them and stops. She tells Badi Maa that she will clean it, may be it is rats work. Badi Maa asks Gajendra to get pest control after marriage. Simar asks Sandhya, where are you going at night? Sandhya says let us go, I have to fulfill duty of a mother, I have to take this step and folds her hands before her. Simar says what happened, don’t fold your hands. Sandhya says I have promised myself that I will protect her and is taking Aditi to her love, Gagan. Simar gets shocked and says to you.

She says you know what both families have bear and we don’t know about what Bhai wants. Aditi says I am very confident, if he don’t become mine, then I will die. Simar says Mohit? Aditi says he is a very dirty person and tells everything and a fb is shown. Simar hugs her. Sandhya asks did you understand now, why am I talking this step, how to give my daughter’s hand in dirty person’s hand. She says I won’t let this marriage happen, if I am wrong. Simar says I don’t know, but I know that a mother can’t take any wrong decision for her daughter. She says I am with you and asks them to come.

Aditi thanks her. They all start walking. Sandhya is about to fall, but Simar holds her. Simar says I will go and open the door. Sandhya drops the jewellery box from her hand. Simar turns to look at Aarav who comes there. Sandhya and Aditi pick up the jewellery. Aarav comes near them and asks Sandhya what is she doing? He says tomorrow is Aditi’s marriage. Sandhya says Aditi will not marry Mohit, tomorrow is not her marriage, I am taking her from here. Aarav stops them.

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