Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th September 2021 Episode starts with Simar coming to the room and seeing Mohit holding Aditi’s hand, while the latter is looking out. She shouts Aditi. Mohit leaves Aditi’s hand and says Simar ji, come. Simar goes to Aditi and asks if everything is fine. Aditi says bhabhi Ga…..and stops seeing Mohit. Simar says Mohit ji, you are here. Aditi sees Gagan going on his bike and thinks he came for me and going through the same pain as me.

Simar asks Mohit what is he doing here, and says girl and guy shall not meet before marriage, it is not allowed in our house. Mohit says badi bahu gets angry too and apologizes to her. He says you left me alone in the big house, and I came here, but my intention was not wrong seeing your sister in law alone. Simar says shall I show you the way, you have really forgotten the way.

Mohit says our ways are different, but it is nice meeting you. Sandhya comes there and gets surprised seeing Mohit there. Mohit greets her and goes. Sandhya asks Simar what Mohit is doing here? Simar says he came here searching the washroom. She goes to Aditi and asks what happened? Aditi says Gagan came to meet me, he is also yearning for me. Simar says bhai came to give puja stuff and went.

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Aditi asks if he didn’t ask about me. Sandhya asks Simar to bring Aditi late and says I will go. Vivaan comes there and asks Aditi and Simar to come downstairs. He tells Aditi that today she is looking grown up and asks her to be happy always. He says don’t know when sisters grow up, and then we have to bid them bye. He asks if you are looking good due to make up or really. Simar says she is really beautiful, and says I will send Reema di. She goes. Vivaan and Reema bring Aditi downstairs holding her hands.

She leaves Aditi’s hand seeing Aarav coming there. Aarav thanks her for coming downstairs and says it will be debt on your brother always. Aditi says he went. Sandhya gets upset and goes from there. Aditi and Mohit sit for the havan. Pandit ji asks him to hold her hand and do the havan. Mohit holds her hand and puts some stuff in the havan. Pandit ji does their tilak and says havan is completed, take elders’ blessings so that we can start the rasam. Aarav thinks where is Simar?

Shobha comes to Rajendra and says everyone is waiting for you. Rajendra checks and prescribes medicine to the patient. He tells Shobha that this is his clinic time. Shobha says we have to go for Vivek’s engagement. Rajendra says I think we shall postpone the engagement, what we will tell to Divya’s parents. Shobha tells that Lalit is coming for marriage, I have talked to him. Roma comes there and asks when did he call? Shobha says he had called on your number, but you was busy in bathroom. Rajendra says atleast he is coming. Roma gets happy and offers him tea. He refuses. Shobha says lets go for engagement.

Mohit and Aditi take Badi Maa’s blessings. Simar thinks if I shall tell Aarav ji about Mohit and thinks if he had done something wrong then Aditi would have told me. She thinks how to make everything fine in 9 days. Aarav comes there and asks with whom you are talking to. He asks if everything is fine. Simar says yes. Pandit says engagement time came. Aarav says lets go for the engagement. He holds her hands. Pandit ji says girl and guy hold their hands, with the promise not to leave their hands.

Simar’s ring gets entangled in the decoration cloth. She leaves his hand to free her ring. Aarav takes out the ring from her finger to take out the cloth thread. The ring falls down on the ground. He sits and picks the ring. Pandit ji asks Mohit to make Aditi wear ring. Aditi gets tensed. Sandhya signs her. Aditi gives her hand to Mohit. Aarav holds Simar’s hand and makes her wear ring. Pandit ji says you are promising her that you will always love her, and will keep the connection forever. Mohit makes Aditi wear the ring. Everyone claps. Reema gets upset and looks at her hand and then Vivaan. She thinks to win back Vivaan.

Aarav gets up and looks at Simar. Aditi makes Mohit wear the ring. He asks why is ‘G’ written on your hand. Aditi says it is design. Pandit gives them best wishes. Aarav and Simar come there. Badi Maa, Sandhya and their family along with Rana ji family shower flower petals on Aditi and Mohit. Simar and Aarav look at each other.

Indu asks Avinash to ask Gagan when he returns. Avinash says how can you stand relax and says it is a big decision. Indu says you only say that kids shall go and have their progress. Gagan comes home. Avinash asks why didn’t you tell us that you got appointment letter and have to leave tomorrow. Gagan says I have talked to my friends and will stay at their place. He says he will not do anything wrong now. Avinash gives him appointment letter. Indu hopes Aditi’s marriage happens nicely without any problem. Avinash asks her to have hope on mata rani.

Vivaan tells Aarav that Badi Maa asked them to drop Rana ji’s family. Rana ji tells Badi Maa that the decorations and arrangements were good. He says he is waiting for Aditi to become part of our house. Badi Maa says she will be yours tomorrow. Mohit thinks where is Simar?

Simar thinks she couldn’t call Yamini Devi, atleast she is practicing singing. She thinks of Aarav. Reema comes there and asks if she is free, she needs to talk to her. Simar says you don’t need to knock, I am free for you always. She asks her to sit and asks her to show her mehendi. She says we used to see each other hands, so that who will get more loving husband. She says once we applied mehendi on bhai’s hands. Reema says then he didn’t go to school for a week. Simar says then I have done his homework. Reema says your mehendi was gone while doing it.

Simar says those were good days. She looks at Reema’s mehendi and says it is the color of Devar ji’s love. She says the glow on your face is showing your love story. Reema gets up. Simar asks what happened Di? Reema says if I tell you, then you might save you, as you always saved you. She says I am trapped and don’t know how to come up. Simar asks what happened? Reema then changes her words and says you know Vivaan, he gives surprises etc. I don’t have that quality, but I have decided to do super special for him. Simar says we will plan super special plan for Vivaan ji, as he is not at home. Reema says my dimmer and hugs her. She thinks to confess her feelings to Vivaan.

Aarav tells Vivaan that today’s function was good, chutki came downstairs and all the rasams happened. Vivaan says she kept family happiness first over her happiness. He says what matters is elders’ blessings, others is waste. Aarav says you are talking with maturity, I am proud of you. Vivaan says we shall face the truth. Aarav says I know that you are talking about Reema. He says you must confront her, your brother is with you.

Reema asks Simar where did she go, after asking her to close her eyes. Simar says I am here only and asks her to close her eyes. She gets something from her cupboard and comes to Reema. She then covers her dupatta on her head. Reema says this is my marriage bridal dress. Simar says you shall dressed more beautifully than the marriage day and surprise him, and he shall think that it is good that you got married.

Aarav stops the car and gets down with Vivaan. He says you know why she came here, to break your heart. He asks him to go and confront her. Don’t be scared and go and face her. Vivaan says I shall face her, for me and my family. He says I will talk to her after going home and will tell everything clearly whatever is in my heart. Aarav says yes, we have to take stand for ourselves, else the world take us for granted. He says your brother is with you. Vivaan says I know.

Reema asks why shall I get ready? Simar says shall I tell you, so that when she sits on the wedding bed, her husband shall be surprised. She says lets regain the magic of first night. Reema gets shy. Simar says it will be your first night, as you will start your life with him. she says my Di shall not get anyone’s bad sight. She says they must be coming and I shall decorate your room. Reema thinks she don’t know what will happen tomorrow, I want to make tonight memorable with him, and wants to tell him how much I love him.

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