Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th September 2021 Episode starts with Simar telling Aarav that she will manage as she packs the tiffin. Aarav says I know you will manage, some things can’t be done alone, if someone supports then things gets easy and beautiful. Simar gets up. He says things have become complicated for us, we can either live with that complications or we can either sit and solve it.

He says your distant behavior, silence and the wall and all, I don’t like it. Simar says I am normal, don’t know why are you thinking about this. Aarav asks didn’t I know you, you are behaving differently since badi maa asked you to distance from me. Simar says I slept in the night and you was sleeping in the morning and that’s why I couldn’t talk to you. Aarav says you would have made me woke up, showed me your mehendi etc. She says she showed, you might have forgotten.

Aarav says just 9 days are left, I have to fulfill promise made to you, I respect what I have and expect the same from you. He says may be I shall not expect, but I have expectations from you. He says sorry. Simar says I remember that our marriage 9 days are remaining, but our friendship is for all life and you have the right to have expectations from me. I am sorry if I hurt you. She says I am breaking my silence and you have also broken your promise, asks him to have breakfast. He says he has work. Simar asks him to drink juice atleast. He says if someone makes me drink showing her right. Simar says you shall finish it all. He drinks and returns the glass. She thanks him. He thanks her and goes.

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Simar turns and looks at the calendar. She thinks the left days might be less, but I will solve the problem of this house.

Reema gets ready and asks Vivaan to see her mehendi color, and says it is dark and was never dark before. She says elders say that if the mehendi color is darker than husband loves a lot, though husband wiped his hand from my hand. Vivaan says mehendi color is black, makes sense and says infact thief color is black. Reema is shocked to hear him saying this.

Vivek asks Shobha and Rajendra to get the marriage postponed, if they want and tell that your elder son is missing. Shobha says if we postpone the wedding then shradh month is standing, and then the marriage will be postponed for her. Vivek says whoever is gone, let him gone and focus on the person coming here. Shobha says my mother’s evil sight happened to me and remaining black sight of Roma. Rajendra asks her to stop it and says you are enemy of them, as Badi Maa has money and as Roma has no money. He goes from there.

Reema tells Simar that she had gone to Aditi’s room. It seems she will not come. Simar says I will come. She checks the puja stuff and thinks chandan wood is missing. She calls Indu and asks her to bring it. Indu says it is at home, but she is in the market. She asks her to send the driver to her house and she will ask Gagan to send. Simar calls Reema and asks if any driver is free. Reema says nobody is free now. Simar calls Aarav, but his number is missing. Indu says I will send it with Gagan. Simar says Bhai. Indu says he will stand outside and will give you the chandan wood. She ends the call. Simar thinks she doesn’t know driving, shall be independent.

Shobha thinks what to do, shall I worry for Lalit or concentrate on Vivek’s marriage. She hears Roma’s phone ringing. Shobha picks the call. Lalit tells that he is on call. Shobha asks him to return home and says you didn’t meet me before going. He says I knew that you will not let go. Shobha says you have gone due to Roma.

Lalit says no, I didn’t go due to her and says he is in Delhi. He asks her to promise that she will take care of Roma. She says Vivek wants to postpone the wedding. Lalit asks her not to postpone the wedding and says he will try to come. He asks her to make him talk to Roma. Shobha says Roma has gone to market. Lalit ends the call. Roma comes and asks if anyone called. Shobha says who will call you and asks her to make arrangements of engagement today.

Aditi refuses to come down from engagement and asks her not to force her. Simar asks her to break vase on his head. Vivaan meets the guests. Reema tries to introduce herself. Vivaan goes from there. Aarav notices this.

Chitra talks to Shobha and asks how the engagement arrangements are going on. Shobha says Vivek’s friends start dhol and shehnai. Chitra says everyone’s mouth is swollen here and asks what Divya sent till now. She gets a call and ends the call. Inspector tells Chitra that he wants to talk to her about Devesh and tells that Devesh is missing since few days and we went to his studio. He says we got his phone and found your missed calls, asks why did you try to call him. Chitra says he is a photographer and he had clicked many pictures of our functions, and we want the pictures, he is so unprofessional. Inspector says if you talk to Devesh then let me know. Chitra thinks Devesh is missing and Police is searching him, what is all this matter?

Gagan calls Simar, but she is not picking the call. Gagan says how to make the stuff reach Simar. He calls Reema, but her phone is unreachable. He thinks if the stuff is not reached on time, then Simar will land in trouble. He walks inside the Oswal Mansion. Just then he hears the cars sound, and comes to side. Mohit and his family get down from the car. Gagan looks at him. Aditi says I am sorry bhabhi, I can’t marry that guy. Simar says I know Aditi that you have decided not to come down.

She says I can just request you, being your bhabhi, it is your choice to accept or not. She says you want freedom to make a choice, so I will give you this right. She says I want to share my feelings with you, which I felt in these 20 days. She says if I can get so much love in 20 days, then how much you much love, you would have got in 20 years. She says they might have seen many dreams for you, and I have seen them loving you a lot. She says they might be waiting today infront of Rana ji’s family, that Aditi will come down and will sit with Mohit. She says I don’t want to pressurize you, if you don’t come down then I will take blame on myself and will not let anyone scold you. Aditi says you will go against badi maa for me. Simar says yes, I will support you in your decision. Aditi looks at her phone.

Simar comes downstairs. Mohit looks at her and says Simar ji. You are looking good. He asks where is washroom in the house. Simar says that side and asks him to come. Mohit looks at her as she walks. She get Gagan’s message and goes. She asks him to go to washroom. Mohit says no problem. Simar goes. Mohit looks at her. Chitra calls Reema and asks her to listen. Reema tries to go. Chitra asks her to listen to her and says Inspector called from PS, Devesh is missing and Police is searching him.

Reema drops the plate on the floor shockingly. She says she will pick it up. Chitra asks where is Devesh, he was with you last time. Reema gets worried and says I don’t know anything, I want to go. She goes. Gagan gives the chandan wood to Simar and asks if the havan started. Simar says no. He says nobody saw me here and asks her to make the arrangements. Simar asks do you know about Aditi’s engagement. Gagan says yes. Simar asks if he don’t care. She asks him to tell truly and says if you stays silent today. Gagan says whatever happened with Papa due to me, will be with me all my life, that guilt. He says I will leave. He sits on his bike, but it doesn’t start. He calls mechanic.

Aarav asks Simar what she was doing outside. He asks if she talked to Aditi. Simar says I talked to her, and is sure that she will agree. She says Mata Rani shall support us. Aarav says I trust Mata Rani and you fully. Maharaj ji tells Badi Maa that Chandan wood is not found in the Agra. Badi Maa says how the havan will happen without chandan wood. Simar comes there and gives chandan wood. Badi Maa asks Maharaj to go and check if Aditi is ready. Simar asks Maharaj to give chandan wood to Pandit ji and says she will go to see if Aditi is ready.

Aditi gets ready for her engagement. Mohit comes there and says he came here to talk to her privately. He says there shall be no misunderstanding later. Aditi gets tensed. She looks out from the window and sees Gagan. Mohit says I couldn’t see you yesterday. You are very hot and asks her to tell him the truth, asks if some stranger man touched you before me. He says if any stranger man touched you closely. He holds her hand. Simar comes there and sees Mohit holding her hand while Aditi is still looking at Gagan. Simar shouts Aditi. Mohit leaves her hand.

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