Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 30th September 2021 Written Episode Update:

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 30th September 2021 Episode starts with Chiku trying to ask the helper about the door. She goes to check the door. Nupur cries and says Milind wants to give me divorce, its our 12th wedding anniversary tomorrow, but its too late now. Chiku hears about the anniversary and goes.

Reema says its good you didn’t sign, Milind is confused, he did this in anger, you convince him with love, why you are doing this, I m sure he will understand. Nupur says I tried, he isn’t understanding. She recalls his words. She says once he meets the kids, he won’t understand what I m doing, I have to get him here once, but how.

Chiku goes and tells Rangoli about the anniversary. Rangoli says it means wedding anniversary. Chiku asks will the kids come with me if I say. Rangoli says don’t take tension, as I say. She tells some plan. Chiku gets ready and come to the kids. Tanki compliments her. Sulab says we are not talking to Chiku. Chiku recalls Rangoli’s words… say sorry to them and talk to them, make them laugh if they are angry, convince them for my sake. Chiku takes a clown getup and dances on eena meena deeka….

The kids look on. Tanki says its good you have come back. Chiku hugs him. Tanki says Nupur said we are one family, we can fight but not break the relation. Chiku asks what, did she say this. She recalls Rangoli’s words…Nupur will try to convince you, you are my smart girl, don’t come in her words, just do this else Nupur will take our family away. Chiku says I m sorry, I will say sorry to Nupur also, its her 12th wedding anniversary, I will do something tomorrow. The kids ask what.

Aai asks how dare she talks like this, she didn’t sign the papers, she is showing that we are bad. Kamini says she got habitual to this lavish house and comforts, she won’t go easily, she may claim this house. Milind says get quiet, she is my wife, don’t say this nonsense. Aai says you can’t talk to Kamini like this, I want you to get happiness again, stay firm on the divorce decision.

He says yes Aai, I will take divorce, no use to save this relation, I know Nupur well, she speaks from the heart, I won’t hear any wrong accusation on her, tell Kamini. He goes. Kamini says maybe he is melting for Nupur again, its their 12th anniversary tomorrow, ask him not to get emotional and take a wrong step. The kids wish Nupur happy anniversary and hug her. Nupur thanks her. The kids say we want to perform dance for you, its Chiku’s idea. Nupur asks Chiku is this your idea. Chiku recalls Rangoli’s words. She acts sweet to Nupur.

She says let us dance, if you like it, then forgive me. Nupur says sure, I will like it. She hugs Chiku. Chiku recalls Rangoli’s words… just leave from the NGO when everyone is busy after the dance performance. She worries. Nupur comes home and sees Milind in the kitchen. She says I will make the tea. He says no, I understood it well, person shouldn’t depend on others, when heart breaks, it hurts a lot. She says please, don’t say this. He says its 12 years, I didn’t know when time passed.

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

She says yes, but I spent the last 7 years as 7 births, Milind, the kids have kept a dance performance for us as our anniversary gift. He says our relation is breaking because of that orphanage, they are planning our anniversary, perfect. She says that’s a home for kids who are away from their parents, they are waiting for their parents like Payal is waiting for us, I wish you could know that reform home matters for the kids, the kids are clean hearted, they get happy, a girl is there, Chiku, she met us in the temple, you remember, she is naughty, I was sure to handle her, she was upset with me, she told sorry to me and hugged me, I felt like my Payal…

the kids are performing dance for us, I wish you could meet them, please meet them once, will you meet them once, I know whatever is going on between us isn’t good, there was a time when we were together, happy, very happy. She cries and says if you think we had love between us, for that love and Payal, come there once, your pain will get away seeing the kids’ smile, trust me. Kamini hears them. Nupur goes.

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 1st October 2021 Written Episode

Update Precap :Rangoli burns the orphanage. She asks Chiku to get the kids back. The kids get trapped. Chiku prays. Nupur and Milind run to save the kids. Chiku gives her hand to Nupur.

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