Bhagya Lakshmi 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th September 2021  Episode starts with Rishi asking Inspector to check if Shanaya is reliable or not, how can you believe her without checking her background. Inspector says she is more reliable than you, as she told all the truth and you lied to me. He says I asked you, if you know Shanaya Thakur and you lied. Rishi says I didn’t lie, she had come here for an interview,

I really don’t know. Many people come here for interview, I couldn’t remember everyone. I had just seen her file and then she left. He refuses to go to the Police station. Inspector says you have to come to the PS, even your family members will come. Ayush and others try to stop the Inspector. He asks if you knows who is Rishi Oberoi? Inspector says do you know who am I? He says you are stopping me from doing my work, I will arrest even now. Media comes there and starts clicking the photos..

Reporter asks did you molest the girl? She asks what was your relationship with the girl. Other reporter asks did your father know about it? Reporter asks how can you do this? Rishi says I didn’t touch her. The reporter says why the girl will ruin her respect. She tells the viewers that this is Rishi Oberoi’s real face. Rishi asks Ayush to tell Dad and not others. The reporter tells that he was in the news for his marriage, and now molested a girl and he is not ashamed of his crime and misbehaved with media. She asks Cameraman to come, as his family might have reached the PS, we will get real masala there.

Virendra comes to the kitchen and tells that he is getting the good aroma of food. He says he always thought to have food at 8 pm. He says as you have come, we will have dinner at 8 pm now. Lakshmi says you are praising me a lot. Virendra says I want food at 8 pm, don’t know if it gets finished by 9 pm. Lakshmi says whatever I make never get less. Virendra says you are Annapurna.

Lakshmi says even Bau ji used to say this. He asks what are you making in food? Lakshmi says shahi paneer, dal makhani and jaggery in sweets. He says jaggery, very bad. She says we shall ditch sweets after having good food. He does hi-five with her and says you are my friend too, and my most favorite one. You will take care of my health. He says if someone asks you not to make food, then let cook makes food for them, but you make food for me. Ayush calls Virendra and asks him to listen carefully.

Bhagya Lakshmi 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

He tells that he is going to the PS and asks him to arrange the lawyer. He says Rishi is arrested for molestation charges. Virendra drops the phone on the ground. Lakshmi asks what happened? Virendra says nothing and goes out. He says he will come. He asks Sanjay to bring his car keys without telling Neelam.

The reporter tells another reporter that this news will make Rishi and his family suffer losses. She says they want to make resorts in Bangalore, but who will invest now. Other reporter says he is not proved guilty. She says but we will get the news. Rishi is brought to the PS. The reporters bombard him with many questions and ask if he has affair with her. Rishi is shocked.

Shanaya comes there. Rishi asks Shanaya if she is not feeling ashamed to accuse him wrongly and asks her to tell why he pushed her out of his cabin. Inspector says she told me that she refused your favors. Rishi says she is lying and tells that when he had refused to give her the job, she hugged me forcibly and said that she will do anything. Rishi says I didn’t agree and pushed her out of my cabin.

Ayush says this girl is lying. Inspector tells that he will not leave them and asks Rishi to see how much she is scared, he says if your father is rich, then you will do anything. He says even I have a daughter and I will not leave such person. Shanaya thanks Inspector not to leave him and says I was not capable to fulfill his demands, and he asked me to make him happy to get the job. She says when I refused, then he tried to forced me.

She says when I tried to run. He pushed me to become good infront of his staff. Ayush asks her to shut up and says my brother can’t do this. Inspector asks Constable to put Ayush in the lock-up. The reporter says Rishi’s brother is put behind bars for taking side of Rishi. Ayush asks the reporters to get out.

Lakshmi serves dinner to everyone. Neelam asks Sanjay to call Virendra. Sanjay says he went out in a hurry. Karishma gets the news of Rishi’s arrest. Neelam asks what happened? Karishma looks on shocked. Devika, Ahana and Sonia get calls and messages. Ahana says this can’t be true. Devika gets a call and says this is untrue. Dadi asks what happened? Neelam gets a call and asks where are remotes gone?

Sanjay says Virendra sir took the remote. Neelam asks him to bring another remote. Sanjay gets the remote. Neelam switches on the camera. Everyone watches reporters asking him why did they molest Shanaya Thakur, when he got recently married to Lakshmi. Lakshmi says this is a lie. Neelam says I can’t leave him alone, and shall go. Lakshmi says even I will go. Neelam asks her to be with Dadi and goes with Karishma. Lakshmi cries.

Malishka gets a call and gets shocked. She then calls Rishi and Ayush. She thinks they are not picking the call. She watches the news of Rishi’s arrest and reporters questioning him. She asks Driver to take her to the PS and calls Lawyer. Virendra reaches the PS. Rishi tells Virendra that he didn’t do anything, have not touched her. Virendra says you are my pride, I know you haven’t done anything. Reporter tells viewers that Rishi’s mother has arrived, lets see what is her take on this? They question Neelam. Neelam says Rishi is innocent, he is our pride and tells that their family values are example for others.

She says all these accusations are wrong and asks her to show to the viewers what she said. Reporter says every mother believes her son and feels pride. She says Shanaya’s accusations match with Rishi’s statement. Neelam asks if you will decide or court will decide. She says I will let my son have media trial, if anyone writes or show anything wrong against my son, then I will sue that channel. Reporter says Rishi’s mother is threatening us, but we will bring out the truth and will not be scared.

Dadi gets shocked. Lakshmi asks Ahana to switch off TV and says Mummy ji said right and will handle. Rishi asks Neelam why did you come here? Karishma asks why Ayush is here? Neelam asks Inspector. Inspector says he will not say. Virendra gets lawyer’s call and Lawyer tells that bail couldn’t be done, as until he reached the court, judge went. Neelam says my son can’t be here in night and asks Inspector to leave Rishi and Ayush. Lakshmi prays to God and says you know that Rishi is very truthful and respects women.

She asks God to solve all the problem and brings him home proving his innocent, keep him away from all bad people. Inspector says your son is guilty. Shanaya asks Inspector if she can go, she has given the photos. Constable says I will drop you. Neelam asks Shanaya why are you blaming my son wrongly. Shanaya asks if you was there, no. She says why will I lie. I had gone for interview and he tried to get closer to me. He asked me to make me happy, if I want to get the job. Neelam is shocked.

Precap :Malishka asks Inspector why he kept them behind bars. Inspector asks her not to give him lecture and asks her to bring bail papers. Malishka says she has brought bail papers. Dadi tells Rishi that Neelam and Virendra will free you. Neelam says we didn’t do anything, Malishka got his bail. Rano tells Lakshmi that I told you not to marry Rishi, but you was showing attitude to me. Lakshmi says Rishi can never be wrong, can’t do this with any woman. Rishi hears her words. Shanaya talks to someone and says he kicked me out of his office, I will kick out his peace from his life. Karishma tells Malishka that this girl is not overconfident, but confident and very clever too. Shanaya says this is just the start, now you see what I do with Rishi Oberoi. Rishi gets sad. 

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