Rishton Ka Manjha 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

The episode starts with Arjun tells Diya that they can dance together. Diya tells Arjun she don’t want to do dance. Arjun says to Diya that it will be her warm up and easy for her to practice. Tina comes there and asks Diya to dance with them also thanks Arjun for taking care of her guest. Arjun and Diya dances together. Tina watches everything from far and fumes in anger. Niharika comes to Tina and tells her that she can’t believe that Arjun is dancing with someone like Diya that too infront of everyone.

Arjun and Diya goes to the badminton court where Arjun tells Diya that her coordination in dance is good with him like that way asked to concentrate on her foot work while playing badminton. Tina sees Arjun and Diya together playing badminton. Arjun tells Diya that she looks beautiful in that dress but in competition no one looks at the pretty face but the talent she has and asked to concentrate on her footwork. He then tells Diya that for him this match is more important than his marriage so asked to be concentrate, discipline and focus when she is in the court. Diya nods her head. Tina thinks to herself if what Arjun thinks like this then even she wants to see how Arjun is going to help Diya reach the badminton competition on time.

Tina instructs the guards to not to let Arjun Agarwal leave the house and threatens to fire them if they let that happen. They all says okay and leaves the place. Tina turns around but gets shocked when when someone stops her so she turns around and gets relieved seeing it’s Niharika. Niharika tells Tina that she is feeling bad because before marriage itself she has to do all this to protect her soon to be husband to not to go behind another women. She also instigates Tina against Diya. Tina tells Niharika that she don’t want anyone or anything to come between her and Arjun be it’s Tina or badminton and leaves the place. The next day Diya’s mother aunt and few ladies starts the ritual by visiting the lake nearby the temple. In Arjun’s house Amitabh asks Madhuri where is Arjun to which Madhuri tells he is in his room sleeping.

Amitabh tells Madhuri today is Arjun’s marriage and he is still sleeping and calls him irresponsible. He also tells Madhuri that he is worried about Arjun’s actions which may impact their family’s reputation and asks Madhuri to do something to stop Arjun from helping Diya to go the competition by leaving his marriage. Madhuri assures Amitabh nothing such will not happen. Diya wonders how Arjun is going to take her to the competition and fulfil his challenge and says how she is going to manage both her marriage and competition in a sane day. Arjun sends a voice message to Diya saying that he knows after her marriage ritual she is not supposed to have food as a part of ritual until her marriage is over but for her competition she needs to eat well so that she can be strong. Diya hears Arjun’s voice note then once again starts worrying how Arjun is going to take her to the competition with her marriage and his marriage is going to take place in the sane time.

Rishton Ka Manjha 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Diya’s cousin asks Diya to come out saying that everyone is waiting outside for her to start the ritual. Arjun comes to the room where everyone is waiting for him. Madhuri does the aarti and tells Arjun that she always supported his every decision now it’s his time to not to put their family’s reputation at stake by leaving his marriage and helping Diya to reach the competition. She also asks Arjun to promise her. Arjun nods his head. Arjun’s grandmother comes after Madhuri to do the ritual and tells Arjun that she don’t know anything other than whatever happens it’s happens for good only and blesses him. Diya’s aunt does the ritual for Diya and asks her to be a obedient daugher in law in her husband’s house. Then Diya’s mother does the ritual and blesses her to be happy always. Diya gets emotional. Arjun refuses to let Amitabh do the ritual for him. Amitabh tells Arjun that he knows he is upset with him for forcing him to marry Tina but in the future he will surely thanks him for his decision.

Arjun asks Amitabh to not to do drama. Diya’s mother asks Diya to have more Prasad but Diya tells that she had so much and when she hears one of the lady reminds her that she has to eat after her marriage only she gets a reminder about Arjun’s voice note so she starts eating fast. Diya’s aunt asks her why she is eating like this like she is going for a war instead of going to marry someone. Diya’s mother asks Diya to have food slowly and smiles amusingly at Diya. Amitabh asks Arjun why he is not stop finding a way to insult him. He then asks Arjun to not to ruin their reputation by doing something stupid today on his wedding because the whole city is watching everything. Arjun asks Amitabh to not to worry about him as he knows what he is doing. Diya wonders how it’s going to take part in her marriage also in the competition and asks God to help her because the competition is more important for her which will change her life forever.


Arjun says to Diya on the call that she is trained to face everything inside the court but not outside the court. Diya gets confused and asks him what is he saying. Diya’s father comes there and asks her who is she talking to. Diya gets shocked when her father forward his hand to take the mobile from her.

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