Bigg Boss 15 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Today’s episode starts with Bigg Boss 15 introduction. Salman Khan performs a dance on ‘Jungle hai aadhi raat hai song’. Khan next do hook step of ‘swag se swagat’ song. He further welcome Bigg Boss 15 jungle. Salman says there is no walls and this time everything will be done in open. He introduces the special areas of the house. Khan predicts vibes will be different this time. He first welcome Jay Bhanushali. Jay performs on ‘Jai Jai Shiv Shankar’ song. He enters the house and find it cool. Jay decides to select his bed and drop his neckpiece so that none can take it. Salman Khan enters the house. Jay meet Salman. Salman and Jay visit the house together.

Salman asks Jay what provokes him the most. Jay says if anyone touch him than he gets aggressive. He adds he is the first contestant and would love to exit the house last. Afterwards, Salman close the door and revealed that they have to spend the days outside the house. He further revealed this is the first time he is introducing someone not on stage but at house area. Jay gets elated hearing him. Khan next introduces ‘Vishwa Sundari’ tree to Jay and asks him to wait for more things to unfold. Salman add Jay is the first member to visit the house from inside.

Next, Salman goes on the stage and welcome the audience. He further welcome the contenders of the season. Contestants perform dance wearing masks. Ahead, Salman decides to introduce the contenders one by one too. He introduces Big G to the audience and says he will help him on the stage. A gorilla enters the stage. Salman tell Gorilla will help to introduce the housemates. Vishal Kotian enters the stage. He shares a talk with Salman and call him his idol.

Salman gets impressed with Vishal’s journey. He further tells about ‘awesome’ mirror to Vishal and says it reads about which animal the person is from inside. Vishal gets the title of ‘elephant’. Tejasswi Prakash comes next. Salman welcome her. Prakash and Khan share a talk with each other. Salman asks Tejasswi if she knows Vishal. Tejasswi says no. Salman shares a talk with Vishal and Tejasswi both. Tejasswi tells to Salman that she is here to win and is hungry for it. Khan send Prakash to ‘awesome mirror’. Mirror Tejasswi is parrot.

Furthermore, Salman gives a task to Tejasswi and Vishal to fetch the survival kit. Prakash win the task. Salman asks Tejasswi she can make her survival kit. Prakash fetch the stuffs. Salman send Tejasswi inside the house. There, tree calls out Jay. Tree asks Jay about his so far experience inside the jungle. Jay says he dream of living such life and finding it awesome. Tree talks with Jay. Both makes a deal, whatever tree will tell him to do, he will do. Tejasswi enters the house. Jay meets her. Both shares a talk with each other. Jay introduces Tejasswi.

On the stage; Salman tell to Vishal that he needs to cross more hurdle to reach inside the house. Vishal looks for a way to enter the house. He enters the house and meet Jay and Tejasswi. Jay and Tejasswi both introduces Vishal the house. They talk with each other. Ahead, Vidhi Pandey meet Salman. Salman shares a talk with Vidhi. Vidhi wish to take a picture with Salman. Salman clicks selfie with Vidhi. Next, Vidhi gets the title of ‘panda’ through awesome mirror. Simba Nagpal share the stage with Vidhi. Both talk with Salman. Simba gets the title of ‘lion’. Nagpal gets elated.

Salman gives a survival kit task to Simba and Vidhi. Both loose the task. Salman asks Vidhi and Simba to cross the hurdle and enter the house. Both looks for a way and finally reach the house. They meet Tejasswi, Jay and Vishal.

Vidhi had a short talk with ‘vishwa sundari’. Umar Riaz enters the stage. Salman welcome Asim Riaz too on the stage. He talks with them. Asim dedicate a rap to Salman. Salman liked it. Ahead, Donal Bisht and Ishaan joins Umar. Umar and Ishaan perform a task. Donal give the judgement in Ishaan’s favour. Umar argues with Ishaan and Donal post Ishaan claim Umar hitted him hard. Salman send Umar inside the house. Jay decide to prank Umar. Tejasswi and others decide to support Jay. Other side, Donal and Ishaan collects their survival kit and enters the house.

Donal and Ishaan is left at BB camp. There, Akasa Singh enters the stage and talk with Salman Khan. She wish to do hook step of ‘oo ithe aa’, song. Salman dance with her. Akasa get the title of ‘cat’. Karan Kundra next share the stage with Akasa.

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