Nima Denzongpa 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode begins with Mania running away from the drunk man when a car hits her. A rich guy is sitting inside and asks his driver to check on the girl. The driver says she must be trapping us to get money. I will go and check. The guy says what a welcome after coming to India.

Suresh and Nima are looking for Mania around the streets. Nima cries for her. Suresh says where did she go? Nima says she is always irresponsible, it’s the same mistake again. Suresh says Mania got lost before also? Nima says let it be, it was the past.

Mania sits in front of the car and cries. The driver asks if she is fine? Mania says just kill me now. The driver tells his boss that she isn’t listening to me. Try to talk to her. The guy comes out of the car and says we don’t want any issue. Mania says you think I want to create an issue? He says I didn’t mean it, Mania gives her hand to him and says help. The guy picks her up. They smile at each other. He says you have a wound, did you get it now? Mania says yes, you think I am a liar? the driver says you don’t know who his father is. The guy says I am sorry, what do you need? Mania says I just need a lift, can you do that?

Nima gets a call from some number. It’s Mania. Nima cries and says where are you? Mania says I am coming home, don’t worry. She ends the call and thanks to the guy. Suresh asks Nima. She says Mania is coming home. Suresh thanks, God. Nima asks him to go home now. Suresh says I want to meet her. Nima says your family must be waiting so you can go, thank you for coming till here. Suresh says I am not a stranger, don’t thank me. I want to meet Mania but I know she won’t even look at me, I know this all happened because of me so just give my love to her. He leaves from there. Nima looks on.

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The guy and Nima are in the car. A beggar asks him to buy flowers. The driver scolds the beggar but the guy says don’t do that. He asks Mania to give him his wallet from his back pocket. Mania says you are trying to touch me? He says it isn’t like that, I just keep my wallet safe as my father taught me to value money. Mania says you listen to your father? He says I listen to my mother also. Mania says you are a nice boy. He smiles. Mania says what about your wife? he says what? I am not married. Mania says good. They get stuck in the traffic. Mania says I can go home now from here. She introduces herself as Mania. He says I am Paras. Mania thanks him and leaves. Paras smiles at her. Mania thinks he is cute and unique. The driver asks why didn’t you take her number? Paras asks him to stop it.

Nima is waiting for Mania. Nari says don’t worry. Mania comes there. Nima hugs her and cries. She sees her wound and asks what happened to her? Mania tells her everything, how she was attacked and left in a park. Then Paras gave her a lift. Nima asks if she is fine? Mania says I am fine, I don’t know why anyone would attack me like that. Sia says let’s go home now. Mania tells Nima that they must be some naughty guys. Mania sees Varun’s friend telling his mom to wash his shirt which has filth on it. Mania recalls how the goons had tried to throw filth on her before.

Varun is cutting onions and helping Sunita. Tulika says what is happening? Sunita says he is helping me, Varun says she is aged so I feel for her. Tulika says something is going on between you both. Varun gets a call and leaves.

Varun talks to his friend and says you people can’t do anything right. Mania comes there and hears all that. She goes to him and slaps him hard. Varun tries to slap her back but she stops him. All come there. Suresh asks what happened? Mania says Varun’s friends attacked me today, they left me in a park. Varun says did you see me there? Mania says I am sure you are behind all this. Varun fights with her but Suresh asks them to stop it. All look on.

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