Nima Denzongpa 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Nima Denzongpa 1st October 2021 Mania is going home after the audition. Varun’s friends follow her to teach her a lesson. A friend says where is Varun? Another one says we will follow the plan even if he is not here. They cover their faces and grabs Mania. They make her video while she is trying to fight them. A friend tries to throw dirt on her but she moves away. Another one hurts her by mistake and she faints.

Varun is with Suresh. He sees his friends calling him and says I have to go. Suresh says we have to work, you are not going anywhere. Come with me.

Varun’s friends are tensed to see Mania unconscious, they drag her from there and put her in the car.

Shiv is leaving the office. Sia smiles at him but he ignores her. Sia says I am sorry for not giving you time. I just want to focus on work as I have responsibilities. Shiv says we all have responsibilities but you can work on your career while having fun and friends right? Sia looks on.

Varun’s friends are driving with Mania in the back. They are scared. A beggar sees Mania lying in the back and asks what happened to this girl? They get scared and drive away. A friend is calling Varun but he is not picking up.

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Suresh has confiscated Varun’s phone and brings her home.

Nari tells Nima that I am working on my assignment. Nima smiles and says I wish you and Sia study hard. Where is Mania? Nari says I don’t know. Sia comes there. Nima asks where is Mania? Sia says she didn’t call me. Nima says she called me in the morning but since then she didn’t contact me. Nari calls her but she isn’t picking up. Sia says I will ask Shiv about Naina’s number. Nima says she must be out with Naina. Sarla comes there. Sia calls Naina who tells her that Mania left the audition hours ago. Nima gets worried.

Varun’s friends are driving away with Mania. A friend says if she wakes up then we will be gone. We have to leave her somewhere. They stop at a site and put Mania on the bench in the park. A friend says she will be safe here. They take her purse so no one can steal it. They drive away.

Tulika is calling her father and says I miss you. I will visit you soon. Sunita cries in pain. Tulika comes and asks what happened? Sunita says I am old so I can’t work much. Tulika laughs and says don’t do drama, just do your work. Suresh and Varun come home. Varun says I went to help Suresh in his work today. He hints at Tulika. Sunita says I didn’t hear you both talk? Tulika says he told me when you were watching TV. Varun says I learned a lot from baba today. Suresh says really? Varun asks for his phone. Suresh gives his phone and he runs away.

Varun meets his friends who tell him everything. Varun says how could you do all that? Just let it be now. Don’t open your mouth to anyone. A friend gives Mania’s purse and phone. He asks him to take care of it. Varun laughs and says I will sell it to buy another phone.

Nima is worried about Mania. Sia calls her friends but no one knows about her. Sarla says the police won’t file a complaint before 24 hours. Nima says I will go and look for her. Suresh comes there and says can we talk about Mania? I think she is going to a modeling career, it’s not a good field but she doesn’t listen to me. Sarla says she has been missing. Suresh says what? I saw her in the morning. Nima says really? Let’s go there and look for her. Suresh says we can go to the police. Sarla says they won’t file a complaint. Suresh says I will come with Nima. Nima says I don’t want Tulika to be angry. Suresh says she is our daughter. Nima says fine. She brings Mania’s photo.

Varun is trying to hide Mania’s purse in his house. He puts it in a cupboard but Sunita comes there. Sunita asks what are you up to? You can’t fool me. Seems like you did something? I won’t tell anything to your father but you have to help me at work. Varun says sure.

Mania wakes up in the park and is confused. She has a headache and recalls how she was attacked by some guys. She looks around for her purse but it’s gone. Mania says Ayi must be worried. She looks around and sees a drunk man. She asks for a way to her house but he tries to eve-tease her. Mania tries to run from there but gets hit by a car.

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