Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st October 2021 Sooraj says to Veer see your wife has signed divorce papers. She left you. Veer shoves him and says you coward. Sooraj says I get what I want.

Rajeshwari’s BP gets low. Vijaya says stop doing this drama. Rajmata says she has BP problem. Rani recalls Veer told her the treamtment. Sooraj forces Veer to stamp his thumb. He says congratultions of divorce. Wealth gone, life gone and now your life will go too.

Rani makes Rajeshwari drink lemon water. She whispers we are with you in looking for Veer. Veer says our relationship is based on heart not these papers. rani will solve everything. Vijaya says useless servants. Vijaya says get up and do your work. Rajeshwari gets up. Rani says this was my first step.

Veer says open me and see what can I do. Sooraj says open him. Let me show him who I am. They stand face off. Sooraj says I destroyed you already. I got your wife now too. You’re not even a man. Veer hits Sooraj. Sooraj hits him back. He hits on Veer’s bullet. Veer falls and faints. The goon says he’s gone.

Rani says why do I feel so worried for Veer. I don’t know how to save him. Please protect him MataRani. Rani keeps her mangalsutra there. rani says until I know Veer is fine I will keep this mangalsutra in the temple. Veer opens his eyes. A flower falls from the idol. Veer gets up and hits Sooraj. Rani picks the flower. Rani says I am gonna take my next step.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Rani comes to Rajeshwari and Rajmata and says see this. She gievs her a small phone and says I will keep it in Vijaya’s room. We can hear what they talk about. Mausa ji and Pinku are also trying to find Veer’s location.

Scene 3
Nandini does the laundry. Champa says don’t keep any hope, I am only servant till Jai’s parents are here. Nandini says I have no hope from my husband than who are you? Champa says well done. Your husband and your house are mine. She leaves. Malani comes and sees her doing the laundry. She says let me help you.

Nandini says I will handle it. She says how will you handle your relationship? I know he’s not good to you. I faced the same condition as you were with Jai’s father. Fight for yourself. Remove the reason from the base. Your husband is yours. Even if I speak to Jai he will get back. Show this third woman her place. Nandini says you’re right. Malani says you know what to do.

Vijaay calls Sooraj and says hit him and make him tell where papers are. If he doesn’t tell, I will send him his mom’s dead body. If you can’t do it I will do it myself. She says make me tea Mithu. Rajeshwari and Rajmata hear it. Vijaya says where were you? Rajeshwari says you wanted tea right.. She says how do you know?

Sooraj comes to the room. It’s all decorated. Rani is dressed in a red saree. He says all this for me? She says yes for you. He says so much love, why? She says I am accepting you. Sooraj says you accepted the divorce? She says who can fight your strength. He says let’s get married tomorrow. Rani says won’t you want to go on dates and spend time with me? He says let’s go for dinner. Rani says what about all this decoration that I did? Rani says how do I look? Vikram mixes something in his drink. He says you always look pretty. He’s about to hold hands. Rani says patience.. She gives him the drink. Rani says now he will spill everything.

Precap :

Veer says I am coming Rani. Vijaya stops him. Veer says you can’t stop me today. Vijaya says see something first. She shows him Rani dressed as a bride and says your Rani is marrying my son.

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