Bhagya Lakshmi 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode starts with Shanaya telling Neelam that she had gone for interview, when Rishi molested her and tried to get closer to her. She says he said that if I want a job then I shall make him happy. Rishi says she is lying, mom. Shanaya says then he held my hand and pushed me out of the office.

Neelam says it is clear on your face that you are lying. Inspector tells Neelam that she can’t threaten the girl. He asks Shanaya to go home. Neelam says how can you talk to my son like this? Malishka comes there and asks them to open the lock up. She asks Inspector why did he arrest him, didn’t he know about Rishi Oberoi. Inspector asks her not to lecture him, but bring the bail papers. Malishka says she has brought the bail papers and asks him to get him out. Inspector asks Constable to free them.

Rishi comes out of lock up and hugs Malishka and others. Inspector asks Rishi to sign. Rishi signs. Karishma tells that they shall go from back side, as there are many reporters standing in the front. Rishi asks why Bua, I am not guilty and haven’t done any crime. He goes out first. Karishma asks Malishka to come with her in her car. The reporters ask Rishi how did he get bail? Rishi says enough and tells that you people know how am I, I used to take out my time and give interview, now I will not give you any clarification as I don’t trust you all, and the reason is you.

Karishma tells Neelam that she is coming with Malishka. Reporter hears and tells other Reporter that she is Malishka bedi, Rishi rumored girlfriend. Malishka asks driver to take the car to Oberoi Mansion fast. She gets angry on Shanaya and says she will break her face. She tells driver to drive fast, as Rishi needs her. Karishma says we are going to Andheri West and says I called office and got her address from her resume. Malishka says she will not leave her. Karishma says we are not going there to beat her,

you shall convince her to take back the case. She says if you succeed then you will be ultimate winner, as Lakshmi is saving him from his markesh dosh due to her kundali, but you will save him from such a girl whom even Neelam couldn’t handle. She says such girls are very dangerous than markesh dosh. Malishka says she knows how to handle such girls.

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Rohan calls Shanaya and asks where was she? She asks didn’t you see TV? He says he watched and that’s why she called him. He asks how dare he to touch him? Shanaya says he didn’t touch me, but he insulted me and threatened to call the cops. I called cops to get him insulted infront of all the world. Rohan asks her to calm down. Shanaya says she will ruined his respect and will ruin Oberois’ name and respect. Rohan says you shall be careful. Shanaya says I have security, and asks him not to worry. She says when are you coming? He says in 2 days. Shanaya says I missed you and I love you.

Door bell rings. Shanaya opens the door and finds Malishka and Karishma there. She refuses to talk to them. Malishka asks her to move back and says I need to talk to you.

Rishi comes home. Lakshmi opens the door and gets happy seeing him. He gets inside. Dadi hugs him and asks if he is fine? Rishi says yes. Dadi says I knew Veer and Neelam will get you freed. Neelam says we couldn’t do anything, but Malishka got his bail done. Virendra says our lawyer reach the court before time. Neelam says but Malishka did everything on time and got his bail. She is coming here with Karishma. Virendra gives credit to Malishka. Rishi and Ayush go to freshen up. Sonia asks why bhai is sad, he is free now? Virendra says he is tired and needs rest. Lakshmi says I will see him. Neelam says Rishi didn’t say anything on the way. Virendra says it is not a normal incident, nobody thought about it.

Malishka accuses Shanaya of blaming Rishi falsely. Karishma says you got famous in just one day. Shanaya says I am simple and good girl and don’t need short cuts. Malishka says she is Malishka Bedi and Rishi’s family friends and is very protective about him, and knows him well. Shanaya asks her to go. Malishka threatens to make her life miserable in the city. Shanaya asks her to come to the point.

Malishka says you might have gone for interview, as Rishi rejected you as you have no spark. She asks what she needs, job. She says I will give you the exact job and asks her to take back the case. She asks her to leave Rishi. Shanaya asks her to leave and asks you are threatening me, and saying that you knows Rishi well. She says whenever someone insults me, I couldn’t bear. Karishma asks her to take the officer. Malishka says that offer is gone and tells that she will get the CCTV footage and get her jailed.

Shanaya tells Rohan that Malishka had come here and threatened her to get the CCTV checked. Rohan says then you will be exposed. Shanaya says Rishi’s cabin CCTV is not working. She recalls hearing the Security guy and Receptionist talk about Rishi’s cabin CCTV not working. She says I heard it while going to his cabin and that’s why did this drama. She says he is newly married and will not look at his wife now. She says he will make him repent so much and will ruin his life. Rohan says that’s like my girl. Shanaya smiles.

Rishi opens his cupboard and recalls Shanaya’s accusations. Lakshmi comes there and gives his clothes. He thanks her and thinks I know what are you thinking about me, but that girl is lying, and thinks if she will believe me. Lakshmi thinks I know that you can’t do this, you was accused falsely, you might be very worried, what shall I do for you.

Malishka asks Karishma to see what she will do with her. Karishma says don’t tell anyone in the family that you met her, else they will think that you couldn’t control her. Malishka says she is very cunning and bad. The security guy calls Malishka and tells that they couldn’t find the CCTV footage of Rishi’s cabin. Malishka scolds him for not keeping the CCTV, and says we need it now. Karishma says this girl knows that CCTV is not working and that’s why she accused him big. She says she is like a Naagin and asks her not to tell anyone.

Rishi searches for medicines. Lakshmi tries to stop him, not to take the medicines, but he takes two tablets. He goes to Virendra. Lakshmi sees call on Rishi’s mobile. Rishi asks Virendra if he can have drink wine, as he is having headache. He recalls Lakshmi’s words and refuses to drink. Virendra says it will not relieve the stress and throws the wine. Ayush keeps the bottle away. Rishi gets worried and tells that this molestation case will be front paper news, and everyone will judge me and will declare me guilty, and our share price and hotels, companies and our respect.

He says Mom and your reputation will be ruined. Virendra says we all are with you, nothing will happen. Rishi hugs him and says I know how system works, a guy has to prove that he didn’t do anything wrong with the girl. He says he has much headache. Ayush says whenever you take stress, it happens. Virendra and Ayush ask him to take sleeping pills. Lakshmi comes there. Virendra asks Lakshmi to bring sleeping pills from Neelam, prescribed by the doctor. Lakshmi says ok. Malishka and Karishma come there. Lakshmi thanks Malishka for helping Rishi. Malishka says he is Rishi and I can do anything for him.


Rano calls Lakshmi and asks what she will do now? Will she still stay with him or leave that characterless person? Rishi comes to his room. Lakshmi says, Chachi please, person who can fight whole world for someone’s self-respect, that person can never play with anyone’s self-respect. Rishi thinks, how much do you know me that you can trust me. Lakshmi says to Rishi, in this world, for many people something is right and something is wrong. What’s not right is breaking trust. That should not happen. Neelam tells Rishi’s father to talk to lawyer. He says, we will have to go to hearing.

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