Meet 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Meet 1st October 2021 Meet dressed for her wedding, Ragini says I will go out and inform Meet is ready, Ragini leaves, Amma walks in, Anubha says look my Meet is a bride now, she respected what you asked for, you kept calling her bad luck but today she saved both families, will you still not bless her and call her bad luck. Amma appiles kajal tika to Meet and says this coin I made for my Manu but she, this is yours and I will give this and blessings when you will be couple, Meet says nothing is bigger than your blessings. Amma says I kept yelling and cursing you but today I pray and bless you that you get all the happiness.

Masoom decides to call Babita and tell the truth, she doesn’t find her phone says oh its woth Dad, Sunaina walks to her says it’s not I have locked it in the car, Masoom about to slap her, Raj stops her, Masoom says how dare she, Raj says I asked her too so that you don’t call Babita, Masoom says Mom needs to know the truth, Raj says I will tell that my way and avoid your pattern of spoiling and making things negative and so I don’t want any mess here go to Mandap and enjoy the wedding.

Meet uncomfortable in wedding dress, she looks at herself in mirror and says I cant get away from this commitment, will I be able to handle this. Meet Ahlawat walks in, sees Meet in wedding saree, and says unbelievable you are ready for wedding why, Meet says I don’t have option to say no, Meet Ahlawat says did Dad give you any brilliant offer, did he give you cash property what is it, listen to me I will reveal your true face just wait for some time and look at you all ready, Meet says listen, Meet Ahlawat says I respect my Dad and can never say No to him, he is God to me and so I have to marry you, and I will reveal your dirty face and I don’t think you have self respect but if you do, don’t come downstairs for wedding.

Meet 30th-September-2021 Written Episode Update:

Prachi visits Anubha, Prachi says I promised you and so I am here for wedding and here is my friend Shubhra, Prachi asks where is Meet and is Manushi ready, Anubha says Manu inst getting married but Meet is, and tells whole story. Shubhra says it was bad but Meet is marrying such good family, she deserves it, Anubha says go meet Meet she is in her room she will like it

Shubhra and Prachi walk to Meet, Meet hugs Prachi, Prachi says you look so pretty and introduce Shubhra, Shubhra congratulate her and says sorry I didn’t like what Manu didi do and see I have a gift for you and hands Mata Rani idol and says she will always bless you, Shubra gives her a bracelet says Prachi told me you have a different taste so here it is, and may God never let you down, Meet thanks her. Prachi asks is everything right, Meet says I agreed to marry because Raj promised me to let me work I used too but Meet Ahlawat said I shouldn’t go downstairs for wedding, Prachi says tell someone about this, Shubra says Prachi don’t, Meet the groom is hurt but you know why are you doing this, its for family reputation, Prachi says she is right,and soon you two will fight as one team and win all hearts.

Meet Ahlawat trying to reach Kunal, Masoom asks what is happening, Meet Ahlawat says Kunal isn’t receiving call and Meet won’t come downstairs, Masoom says look she is coming downstairs, Meet goes sit beside Meet Ahlawat, Meet Ahlawat moves away from Meet. Meet Ahlawat says Dad don’t this she is not worth, Raj says do you have proofs give it, Meet Ahlawat says I do have proof but can’t get it now, she is useless brat, A kid steps forward and says Meet is very good person, and holds Meet’s hand. Uncle steps forward says she always helps me and all needy people, she is a angel to poors like us, A boy steps forward and says we don’t have Dad and she is a elder sister to us and never lets us miss our Dad, she takes care we don’t sleep in hunger, pays our school fees, teaches us good things, kids hug Meet.

Meet Ahlawat says Dad, Raj says you couldn’t find one proof and look so many she has, she has helped me so many times without any reason and I can never doubt her, she is a fabulous girl trust me. Meet Ahlawat says brilliant you fool everyone so well Meet, tell everyone truth that you are a thief, you steal people, you are a cheat. Meet says enough.

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