Udaariyaan 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Tejo entering in her room and getting shocked. She gets surprised on finding her laptop on the bed. She opens it and sees that the question papers pdf is opened. Jasmine is hiding behind an arm chair. The pen drive is shown on the ground. FB shows of Jasmie saying this pendrive isn’t working and dropping it while removing it. Tejo realsises it’s time to take Candy back home and goes leaving the laptop.

Gurpreet hugs Candy and he takes Virks leave. Gurpreet gets emotional and says to Nimmo that if everything was fine, Simran’s kid would have been in Candy’s age and they would have become grandparents. Candy shows to Simran the family photo and says that he meets all of them. Simran sends him inside to do homework. Simram says to Tejo that Candy recognized everyone and worries what if he spills the truth to anyone, then Tejo would get in trouble. Tejo says that she’s aware of it, only Candy can unite Simran with her family.

Jasmine comes to sweety’s house with the pen drive. Jasmine uses Sweety’s laptop. Sweety asks why she’s using her laptop, she doesn’t have laptop at house, she could use Fathers laptop. Jasmine asks her to wait, she’s doing an important work. The principal asks Tejo about exams preparations. Tejo says that students are stressed as they missed many classes due to pandemic, so she prepared an easy question papers for them. The principal praises Tejo.

Tejo thanks her and says that she likes teaching. Jasmine finishes her work and says to Sweety that she leaked the question paper on the internet shocking Sweety. The principal says that she shocked hearing about Jasmine’s act and asks how she can do like that. Sweety gets scared that they can caught. Jasmine says that she got to know from a friend how to upload things on internet without anyone can find who did it and did exactly as he instructed, so no one can catch her.

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Tejo says that she wants to forget what happened and to focus on her work. The principal praises Tejo for her sincerity and says she’s proud of her. Jasmine says that it’s time for Tejo to go viral and gets defamed. She has to leave not only the house, but also the college.

Jasmine comes to Fateh and takes him away. Fateh says that he was having an important conversation with the students. Jasmine asks Fateh to spend time with her. Fateh asks why she seems very happy. Jasmine is about to spill the truth, but controls her herself. She asks him to take her for shopping. Fateh says that they have to save money to go for Canada and also he has lot of work in the academy. He asks her to help him in his work.

Jasmine says that she doesn’t have any nice dress to wear for her friend’s engagement. It’s fine if he doesn’t have money to get her new dress. Fateh stops Jasmine and gives her his credit card to get what she wants. Jasmine says that she will go for shopping after finishing academy works. She leaves. Jasmine sees students talking about accounts papers leaking. Jasmine gets happy that everyone got to know about it and says that it will be more fun.

The principal phones Tejo and asks her to come immediately to the college. Tejo cuts her finger in hurry. Tejo leaves. The principal questions Tejo about leaking the papers. Tejo denies of doing it. The principal accuses Tejo of leaking the papers taking money from the students, whom she’s giving tuition.

Tejo says that she can’t question like this her honesty. The principal says that if the seven colleges get to know this, Tejo will get rusticated and get black listed. She says that this college get defamed because of Tejo’s act. Tejo pleads with her to believe that she didn’t do it. The principal asks Tejo to prove it and give Tejo 12 hours.

Jasmine shares her joy with sweety and says that she wants to party. She asks sweety to accompany her for shopping, Fateh gave his credit card. She goes to make cake for her family. Other hand Tejo is walking on the road recalling principal’s words. Tejo feels dizziness and sits on the road crying.

Jasmine is preparing and happy that Tejo will get out of her this house and her and Fateh’s life after this insult. Nimmo and Gurpreet see Jasmine happily baking cake. Nimmo says that everytime Jasmine was happy, the family faced humiliation and states the Fateh’s award ceremony incident. Gurpreet gets worried and prays to save her family from Jasmine.

Fateh is on the way in his car. He stops the car on seeing a girl lying on the road. He goes to her and gets shocked on finding Tejo crying. He hugs her to console her. He gets water for her from car. He comforts Tejo and asks her to breathe. Jasmine comes to the family, who is having dinner, and says that she made chocolate cake for them. She says that she knows they hate her, but she respects them, so she’s putting effort to win their heart.

Tejo cries saying that everything is over. Fateh asks how many hours she has. She says that she has only 12 hours. Fateh assures Tejo that they will find a way and asks her to reset the papers. Tejo says that it will take at least 4 hours and also the new papers should get printed and should be distributed to the colleges and asks how it all will happen. Fateh says that he will do it and asks Tejo to set the papers. He motivates Tejo saying that he has full faith on Tejo that she can do it.

Jasmine asks Gurpreet to cut the cake. She says that Fateh will do after coming back home. Gurpreet asks why Tejo went to the college in the late night. Mayi says that the next day there is exam, so they must have called her. Tejo asks Fateh in which rights he holds her hand, their relationship is till the court. Tejo begins to leave. Fateh stops her and holds her hand saying that Kushbeer considers her as his pride and asks to let him help her for his sake.

Kushbeer glares Jasmine when she calls her papaji and asks to have cake. Kushbeer asks to send the soup made by Tejo to his room. Jasmine thinks that they all will throw Tejo out of the house and asks who will save her. Fateh says that he hurt her lot and he can’t see her getting ashamed in front of others and requests her to let him help her. Tejo thinks

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