Choti Sardarni 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode begins with Rajveer tells Seher that he is CM’s brother and many people will identify him easily that’s why he brought her to this hospital. Doctor Gayatri asks Rajveer and Seher that who suggested them to go for artificial insemination. She asks them that when they got married and who have fertility issue. Nurse gives the report to her and tells her that Rajveer and Seher have no issues. Gayatri asks them that why they are opting for this process. Seher tells her that it’s a personal matter. Gayatri signals Nurse to leave the room and the latter leaves. Seher informs her everything.

Meanwhile, Hospital management staff welcomes Didiji and Rimple. Gayatri praises them and agrees to help them. She tells Seher that after conceiving it won’t be easy to give the baby to someone else. She gets call and informs them that she has a surgery to attend so she will discuss about it in their next meeting. They thanks her and leaves the room.

Rajveer stops to pick the call. Seher notices Didiji and drags Rajveer from there. He asks her that what happened to her suddenly. She informs him that she saw Didiji and seems like Didiji got to know about them. They hides from Didiji but the latter sees them. Rimple also sees them. Didiji asks Rajveer and Seher that what are they doing here. Rajveer asks her that what are they doing here. Rimple tells them that they came for hospital’s anniversary celebration.

She asks them that why they looks nervous and this hospital is special for artificial insemination then what are they doing here. Seher tells Didiji that her Doctor’s shift allocated to this hospital today that’s why they came to this hospital to see her. Didiji tells them that she is happy that they are consulting the Doctor already. She asks them about Doctor’s name because it’s her baby so she want to meet the Doctor. Rajveer tells her that Doctor’s name is Gayatri but she is busy with surgeon. He takes Seher from there. Rimple asks Didiji to not trust Rajveer and Seher. Didiji tells her that she knows everything.

On the other hand, Anu tells Param that she will meet him today. She learns that Karan is her new boss. She asks him that what’s all this. He tells her that he won’t let her feel uncomfortable and it’s going to be a professional relationship between them.

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Seher tells Rajveer that if Didiji accompany them then their plan will be flopped. He takes her to the restaurant for lunch. Meanwhile, Rimple tells Didiji that something is fishy but the latter is not reacting at all. Didiji tells her that the truth will be out in few hours.

Param video calls Seher and informs her that Badi B made her favorite dish. She tells him that she came out with Rajveer for dinner. Rajveer and Seher eats a lot in tension. One kid screams to tease them. Rajveer goes to him and tries to scare him. Kid throws the noodles on his face. That kid’s parent scolds him. Rajveer asks Seher to leave first. Seher reaches the shop and takes doll.

Precap :

Seher informs Rajveer that Gayatri came to their home to meet Didiji.

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