Choti Sardarni 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Choti Sardarni 2nd October 2021 Harshdeep welcoems all the guests. Ramila says let’s have breakfast. Rajveer says I won’t eat until Seher eats. Ramila says women do this ritual. You can’t even drink water. Harshdeep says Rajveer mother has to do it only. Go eat. Rajveer says no. I will also fast with Seher. Mother and father have equal responsibility. He says to Seher I can fight the world for you. Seher smiles. Harshdeep sayscome here. She says what an amazing husband. She takes evil eye off them.

Seher and Rajver start the ritual. Seher brings the sugarcane. Women say this will help you understand how to carry the baby. Harshdeep says my baby Sonu is coming. Rajveer helps Seher. Her foot hurts. Rajveer puts napkin in her foot. Harshdeep says now they will take our cane juice and make sugar. Rajveer and Seher extract the juice together. The song fikar na karya kar plays together.

Ramila says they are not husband and wife but they support each other like they’re meant to be and now they’ve promised to give the child too? Mausa ji says it’s simple. She says it’s not. Seher says in heart baba ji everything is in your heart. Do something that sustains our friendship and fulfills Dida’s wish too. A kid makes plane of a pamphlet. It falls in Seher’s feet. Seher reads it. She smiles. The kid smiles at her. Rajveer looks at her smiling. He says what happened? She says that.. Harshdeep says Seher boil this juice. Seher keeps the paper plane.

A woman says you will have warmth like this in your motherhood. Seher says to Rajveer baba ji has shown us the way. He says what? Seher shows him the pamphlet. He says I saw you hiding it. Rajveer reads it. It’s artificially introduced pregnancy. They smile. A woman says Harshdeep they keep looking at each other. They will be amazing parents. They boil the juice together. Seher and Rajveer start making sugar. Everyone claps. A woman says your child will spread happiness like you. Ramila says Harshdeep you have changed your fate. Harsh says this is just the beginning. My real mission will be accomplished with their love. Ramila says be careful. They will find a middleway. A woman says Seher and Rajveer did the ritual well.

Badi bi gives milk to Param. She says drink it completely. He says I know you won’t let me go without completing it. Badi bi calls Seher and says she’s not been picking since morning. Param says she must be busy with Rajveer. Badi says if you talk to her let me know I called. She says these days you are glowing a lot? Karan comes in. Param says you scold me and I get this glow. Badi bi says this look like love’s glow. Karan recalls seeing them together. Badi bi says who is she? Is she pretty? He says Badi bi.. Badi bi says God will always give you the best.

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Seher and rajveer read about artificial insemination. The woman says this way you can get pregnant without getting physical. Seher says nine months is such a long time and responsbility. He says I wish I could carry the baby. You will have to suffer so much but I will make it easy for you. The woman tells about how to be careful with pregnancy. Rajveer says I will get you into yoga. The woman says you would want to eat soar food and vomit all the time. Seher says what.. I will feel sick? Rajveer says I won’t let you. The woman tells about labour pain. Seher shuts the video. They both say can we do it? Rajveer says you’re doing a huge favor on me. Seher says shut up. I am doing all this for my best friend. I want you to be with me at every step. Rajveer says I will always be with you.

Harshdeep comes and says I have been waiting for this news. I know this wasn’t your plan. I am dying to hear my Sonu’s voice. Don’t make me wait anymore. She leaves. Seher says dida has so many expectations. What is she finds out we are considering artificial insemination.. Rajveer says it will stay between us. Don’t worry. I have found out a very trustworthy doctor. We have to go there secretly. Leave all your stress on me. Go sleep. They clean the bed Harshdeep decorated with flowers and sleep.

Rajveer and Seher hear a baby crying in their sleep and crawling on them. They both wake up. No one is there. Rajveer asks did you see the same dream? A saw a kid crying and kicking me. Seher says he was kicking me as well. Seher says there will be a baby and won’t let us sleep? Rajveer says he will cry and ruin our sleep. Seher says hw will we live? Will he pee? Rajveer says he will poop as well. Rajveer says I will handle him don’t worry. Seher says how will you? He says I will do everything. I will clean him and make him sleep. You rest. Seher says how will all this happen? I am very scared. When is the appointment? And which hospital? Harshdeep thinks about the baby. Rajveer tells Seher the hospital.

Choti Sardarni 2nd October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap

Badi bi says to Seher I gave your drum to someone. Seher asks who? Badi bi says Tricky’s friend Sonu came. He really wanted it. Seher says it was my favorite drum. Badi bi says you’re so shocked on your favorite drum being given to someone. how will you give your child to someone?

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