Kundali Bhagya 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Kundali Bhagya 2nd October 2021 Karina enters the room of Bani Dadi, she in a state of tension questions why is not asleep till now, Karina replies she is thinking how Sonakshi and Preeta both are really different, she did not do much for Sonakshi but only gave her permission to meet her father and she desired to break her relation with her own father, even then she is really grateful but when she did so much for Preeta even then she did not cared for how much she has done for her, she explains how Dadi knows she did not like Preeta the first time she came into this house but when she got to know Preeta was pregnant she forgot each and everything and thought of being happy but even then Preeta does not respect her, had it been Sonakshi their would not have any problem because she is like them and has the same position in the society, she first hated Preeta but now cannot accept her in this house.

Rishab and Sameer walk out of the room when they both bump into Prithvi, Sameer asks him to walk with open eyes, Prithvi mentions he knows it is their house but they can both also walk with open eyes as then neither of them will get hurt, Rishab mentions how Prithvi is mistaken and warns Prithvi to walk away after smiling if he has bumped into them so they think the next time,

Prithvi warns Rishab saying he must be careful as those who can respond are to be afraid of, Prithvi tries to walk away when Rishab stops him saying that he must be careful who he fights with as he always has each and everything in his mind, Rishab asks why is Prithvi constantly staying he, asks if Prithvi has come here constantly but mentions that guests come for a few time, Prithvi replies that he is not a guest but an in law, Rishab laughs but Prithvi says that he cannot digest so much food, Sameer questions why does he not talk straight, Prithvi in anger asks Sameer to not talk in between two elders.

Sameer is about to fight with him but Rishab stops him, he asks Prithvi to be careful and take care of his wife, Rishab says that he can take his wife outside for shopping, Prithvi replies that his sister does not like going out but prefers staying inside the house so this is why he is still present here, Rishab warns Prithvi to be careful and enjoy his stay in their house as they do not know if he would ever get such a big house, Rishab threatens Prithvi saying that he is the king of this house so Prithvi should not try to be the king.

Preeta walks down to the dinner table with Pihu, Rakhi is surprised to see that Pihu came dressed in the school clothes, Rakhi holding her asks if she knows what has she made in the breakfast, Rishab comes from behind advising this is why he told Sameer to be more careful about the business as there are a lot tings which should not be happening in their business, Sameer is tensed when Rakhi calls them both for breakfast, Rishab asks Sameer to go to the business center and then come straight to the office. Rishab asks about Karan, Pihu replies he is in the room,

Kundali Bhagya 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Preeta responds he is getting dressed up, Karan comes snatching the bite which Rishab made for Pihu, she gets tensed when Rishab makes another bite for her, Mahesh comes mentioning how he came to know that this is his house because of the smiles, They ask about Karina, Mahesh replies she went to drop Sonakshi at the airport as she wanted to go on her friend’s wedding and will be back within a few days, Rishab stands saying he will now leave for the office, he also orders Karan to come but he refuses to come, Rishab asks if he did not understand what he told him last night, Karan leaves with Rishab, Preeta also follows them thinking how she will take Pihu to her school.

Kritika sitting with Prithvi asks if he did not think it was weird that Maa went with Sonakshi to drop her off at the airport and that everyone was not at all worried about anything, she explains how she has made something special for Prithvi so leaves to get it, he signals Sherlin to come and so starts enjoying, she runs away worrying that someone might come, Kritika brings the dish and makes Prithvi eat, he wonders why does anyone let him spend some time with Sherlin, he even is not happy with Kritika.

Sameer signals Shristhi who comes to sit with him, she replies how she is really grateful that he came on her first call.

Karan asks if they both are going to the school, Preeta mentions she is just going to drop Pihu to the school, Karan mentions that even Preeta should go to the school as she is fourth grade fail, they both start arguing and even Pihu calls her but Rishab says that it is wrong as Preeta is a doctor and can even correct the bones of anyone, Preeta mentions she can even break them,

Rishab explains Pihu is in the car, Preeta questions why is he not saying this to Karan who is constantly teasing her as if Pihu goes to school then how would she say that her mother is a fourth grade fail. Preeta asks Karan to turn right but points towards left, Rishab also scolds Karan asking why is he going on the wrong way when he knows the way, Karan explains that he got confused when Preeta was pointing left but saying right, Rishab takes the side of both Preeta and Pihu.

Sameer and Shristhi are in the car, he asks what happened, Shristhi mentions how she was thinking about how Rishab is a really nice person because he helped her from getting rid of Sudha aunt and also when she thought he was having an affair, he confronted her saying if she has any confusion then should confront her, Sameer in anger asks if she even thinks something about her because he feels she does not think anything of him, he gets a call from Karan so asks her to be quiet but she at first greets Karan and they both start arguing over who was fighting, Sameer even asks Karan to take his side as he is his brother but he only believed what Shristhi said,

Karan once again warns him to not irritate Shristhi, Rishab enters the office when he is shocked to see Karan wearing the glasses, Karan says Shristhi wants to talk with him, she explains he is really the best person in the world and she really likes him, she ends the call, Sameer in anger stops the car saying if she keeps doing the same thing then he would not even give her a lift, she replies she would then call Rishab, she is about to get out when Sameer mentions he has time today but is saying it for the future.

Rishab sitting on the chair shows Karan the reports which compare the profits of the current year with that of the previous year, he explains how there is someone who while staying in their office is trying to ruin them, Prithvi standing outside the office thinks it is him who is doing all this, he is really happy to see how they both are really tensed and then wonders he must do whatever he desires without wasting any time.


Karan in the house explains there is something wrong with the financials of the company, Rishab asks him if he does not trust him, Mahesh questions if Karan is telling the truth and he asks if they think he will lie to him. Sherlin and Prithvi are dancing in the room when Preeta suddenly walks into the room and is shocked to see them both.

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