Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 2nd October 2021 Mahi is sitting sadly in her room and recalls how Jogi pushed her away from Avnit. He scolded her for confronting Avnit. How he trusted Avnit against her. Mahi thinks about how to make Jogi see that Avnit is behind all this, Jogi is blinded by her right now. Mahi hugs Jogi’s clothes and says till when will you keep fighting with me? when you realize your mistake then you will come running to me. I won’t spare you then.

Avnit comes to Rupa and smirks seeing her in pain. Avnit holds her hand and says it must be hurting you. Rupa says I am fine. Avnit says but it should pain.. I mean your hand got burned so it must hurt? I am hurt also by Mahi’s allegation. Rupa says Jogi was on your side too because we all know you can never hurt us. You are here to bring happiness to our lives. Rupa hugs her. Avnit thinks Jogi took my side today, my love is working. He went against Mahi for me today. I also took revenge on Rupa.

Mahi brings food to Jogi but he ignores her. Jogi starts leaving the room but Mahi says it’s okay. I will go and sleep with mummy tonight. Mahi sadly takes her pillow and goes.

Avnit makes Rupa eat food and asks if she is fine now? Rupa says you are taking care of me. How is Jogi? Avnit sees Mahi going to mummy’s room. Avnit tells Rupa that Jogi’s life will be filled with happiness now.

Renu tells Mahi that Avnit is behind all this. Mahi says I have no proof against her. Avnit comes there and says I can give you proof if you want? Mahi glares at her. Avnit says when Rupa slapped me, I had to take revenge on her. She tells them how she had put TNT on diya so Rupa’s hand can get burned.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 30th-Sept-2021 Written Episode Update:

Avnit asks Mahi now go and tell everyone the truth but no one is going to believe you. She looks at Seema and says your mom can’t even speak. I got you out of Jogi’s room today and soon you will be out of his heart and life. I will make sure. Avnit leaves. Renu shows Avnit’s video to Mahi when she confessed.

Avnit comes back and takes Renu’s phone. She smirks and deletes it. Renu glares at her and says what do you think of yourself? You don’t know me. I don’t speak, I just kill with guns. Renu says I have changed because of my sister but don’t force me to go back to guns again. Mahi asks Renu to calm down, she asks Avnit to leave. Avnit starts leaving but Jogi comes there. He asks what is going on here?

Avnit says I came here to invite Mahi so you could rehearse in from your wife but they don’t like respect. Renu starts threatening me, she threatened to kill me. Jogi glares at Renu and says it’s not a big deal for her, she tried to kill me before so you are nothing for her. Renu tried to kill me before. Avnit is stunned hearing that. She glares at Renu. Jogi says I thought Renu had changed but I was wrong.

He tells Mahi that some people never change. Mahi didn’t like my son, she thought it didn’t have a soul so why would she come to my rehearsals? He goes from there. Avnit is angry at Renu and leaves. Mahi says yes, Jogi’s song didn’t have a soul but Jogi has a lovable soul so I will come for sure.

Jogi asks Avnit why did you go to Mahi? Avnit says why didn’t you tell me before Renu tried to kill you? Jogi says it’s past so let it be. Avnit says I want to know what happened? The flashback shows how Renu had shot Jogi but Mahi came in between them how Renu confessed that Chanda forced her to shoot Jogi. Jogi tells Avnit that we never brought it up again.

Mahi tells Renu why did you have to say all that to Avnit? I am worried about her. Renu says you know me, she can’t do much against me.

Jogi tells Avnit to let the past be. Avnit says fine, don’t be upset. Go and sleep. Jogi nods and leaves. Avnit says I have a heart and my love-hate is uncontrollable. How dare Renu try to kill Jogi? He is closest to me and Renu has done a sin so she should be punished by getting killed.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jogi tells Mahi you don’t have to come for my recording as you are not happy for me. Avnit asks Jogi to just focus on his destination and leave people behind who are not happy for him. Mahi glares at her.

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