Bigg Boss 15 3rd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Today’s episode starts with Salman Khan dancing on Swag se Swagat song. He welcome the audience. He further welcome Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhatt and Pratik Shejpal on the stage. Salman share a talk with them. He advice Shamita to play individually. Shetty revealed she was amazed seeing the love of the audience post coming out from BB Ott house.

Khan talks with Nishant. Nishant tells to Salman that he is conscious seeing him. Pratik says to Salman that he wants to hug him. Salman shares a talk with Shejpal too and latter share his BB Ott experience. Khan show the dynamics of Shamita, Nishant and Pratik’s on the sets of BB OTT. Shamita and Nishant was seen arguing with each other. While, Pratik and Nishant’s friendship video. Salman asks Shamita if she is going to fight again with Nishant. Shamita says no. Nishant and Pratik comment on their friendship and says post entering the BB15 house things will be more clear whether they will be friend or not.

Three of them talk about their equation in BB OTT house. Ahead, Salman calls Big G and caged Shamita, Pratik and Nishant. Ranveer Singh joined Salman Khan on the stage. He promote his upcoming show ‘The Big Picture’. Salman shares his memorable moment with Ranveer Singh at Paris. He compliment Singh’s energy. Ranveer revealed Salman is the producer of his upcoming show. He also give short detail of his upcoming movies. Salman shares a talk with Ranveer. Singh plays the game with Salman. Next, Salman show the video of Donal and Ishaan who was send to the jungle. Big G give letter to Donal and Ishaan. The letter read Donal and Ishaan has to mutually nominate each other if they want to go inside the house. Donal said to Ishaan that she supported him over Umar than it is the time for him to pay back. She ask Ishaan to save her. Ishaan and Donal discuss with each other. Ishaan agree to nominate himself. Donal and Ishaan enter the house. Housemates meet Donal and Ishaan. Bigg Boss asks contenders to stand in a cue. He welcome the housemates. Bigg Boss tell the upcoming task will tell who will enter the house and who will leave the place. Housemate stands stunned. Later, Donal and Ishaan tell to the contenders about their nomination task. Donal and Umar argue with each other over the task happened on the stage.

Jay says to Tejasswi that Donal and Umar’s argument is not making any sense as it is done. Vishal talks on camera and says he liked the way everyone helped each other. He adds he wish this bonding continues.

Day 1 at 12 PM; Inmates wake up on the beat of ‘Ya Hoo’ song.

12:15 PM; Jay and Vishal talk with each other and says they are one and they need to trust each other. They talk to make a group. Vishal says Tejasswi, Akasa, Umar can come with them.

1:45PM; Afsana talks with inmates and share about her wedding. She says BB will get her married. Afsana look for gym area.

3 PM; Big G enter with a message. Inmates gets excited. Karan read the letter.

3:15 PM; Myesha talk with Umar and tries to clear she is not dating anyone. Vishal and Karan makes fun of her. 

3:30 PM; Afsana sing song. Tejaswwi and Karan shake a leg with each other. Vishwa sundari talks with Tejasswi. She asks Prakash what she understood by the message she send to them. Prakash tell that she is thinking at night some task will happen. Vishwa sundari hang up. Prakas tells to Karan, Umar and others about her talk with Vishwa sundari.

Afterwards, housemates didn’t liked the rice made by Afsana.

7:30 PM; Afsana talks with Jay and Karan and say contenders are judging the rice made by her. She says all are ruining it more.

9:30 PM; Mouni Roy graces the Bigg Boss 15 house. She share the talk with housemate. Roy perform a task and asks inmates to tell after spending a day they have to tell which three contenders they didn’t liked. Housemates vote mostly for Vidhi, Ishaan and Donal’s name. Mouni asks Donal, Vidhi and Ishaan to clean the house until she will be back. Vidhi gets excited to visit the house.

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11 PM; Simba made a statement on generation gap pointing on Jay. Karan talks with Jay and Simba and tries to make a bridge. Vishal talk with Donal. Donal says to Vishal that even if he is not liking her for getting ready still she the way she is. Vishal says she is less entertaining.

11:15 PM; Donal talks with Vidhi and says everyone is talking good on face but all are something else behind the back. She gets disappointed with Akasa and Afsana.

12:15 AM; Mouni gets impressed with the cleaning. Bigg Boss asks Mouni to complete has task. Roy welcome Shamita, Pratik and Nishant inside the house. BB thanks Mouni for visiting the house. Mouni bids the adieu.

Bigg Boss welcome Shamita, Pratik and Nishant and give them privilege to use the house and can roam anywhere. He adds until they are inside the house the captain will be amid the three. Pratik, Shamita and Nishant meet the housemates. Umar comment on Pratik that he is throwing attitude. Argument happen between Pratik and Umar. Vishal does commentary on Partik and Umar. He says both are arguing for no use. Pratik asks Umar not to abuse. Umar argues with Pratik.

1:15 AM; Donal talk with Ishaan and says she tried to approach Jay but failed as she feel he is not interested to talk. Ishaan agree with Donal. Both decide to start playing their game.

2:30 AM; Tejasswi asks inmates if everyone had dinner or not. Jay gets impressed with Prakash’s attitude. Miesha cook food. Jay asks her to offer everyone including Pratik as he is new. Miesha leave the place. Pratik blush

3:30 AM; Vishal talks on camera and revealed day was good.

3:45 AM; Miesha and Umar talk about Pratik. Miesha says she knows Pratik from past 3 years and he has soft corner.

Pratik asks Miesha to stop the others who are trying to singing song and trying to linking them up. He says he is not liking.

4:30 AM; Meisha and Pratik share a talk with each other. Both mutually decide to end their friendship. 

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