Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

Episode Start with Parvati worried and her mother devi mainavati says where is my grandson? where did he go? I am worried for him. parvati says yes mother, but even I don’t know. Lord Shankar appears and says parvati my wife. Lord Shankar walks ahead as raja himavat smiles. Lord Shankar says parvati do not worry, he is our son, he is a child and must be somewhere here around, with a disturbed mind you tend to make the wrong decisions. Lord Shankar says nandi take all the gan and go find son, he must be somewhere. Parvati thinks these comforting words of mahadev have made me calm down.

In brahma lok, son plays the veena and brahma dev and saraswati enjoy the sweet music. As son plays, lord Shankar hears the sound of the veena with his ears and he closes his eyes and smiles and enjoys the music. Lord Shankar then says in his mind son your mother is worried for you, please come back. There as son plays the veena he understands the tension lurking in kailash, he stops playing and gives the veena to saraswati. Son says uncle and aunty, I have to go now as my mother must be worrying for me in kailash. Sarswati and brahma dev say okay and smile. Son says pranam to both and then goes. In kailash, as everyone is waiting, devi maina says where is son?

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Suddenly a golden light shines inside the palace and mahadev smiles. Son says mother I have come mother, do not worry I have come. Parvati is happy. Raja himavat and devi maina eagerly wait to see son. Son then first puts his trunk out of the pillar of the gate. Everyone see. Mainavati is confused. Son the enters the palace and smiles and says mother I have come, he goes ahead. Maina thinks he is the son of parvati? Parvati’s son has an elephant head, how to accept him? but I wont say anything. Raja himavat then smiles. Son comes. lord Shankar goes for meditating. Parvati then says son come here, where had you gone? Son says mother actually I had gone to brahma lok to meet uncle and aunty as I couldn’t resist the beautiful music of aunty.

Parvati is sad and angry and she goes. Son says mother got angry as I didn’t tell her. Raja himavat says son, I am youer grandfather which means I am your mother’s father. son says pranam and takes his blessing. Himavat says and she is your grandmother. Son then does pranam. Himavat thinks I know maina is troubled after looking at son, I have to make her understand. Son takes blessings of maina and she gives him blessings but is disturbed. Son is gifted new toys and clothes by raja himavat.
In the room, parvati says both father and son do what they want and don’t tell me, then I wont speak to them. Son comes with a doll inside and starts singing mother please listen to me, talk to me as I am your son.

Parvati ignores at first but then she talks to son too and sings you are my son and I am your mother, I wont be angry at you forever. Then parvati says son you have to sleep now as you haven’t slept today. Son says mother I couldn’t sleep even though I tried. Parvati says how do I make you sleep?
There raja himavat tells maina that devi maina you have to understand, look at the love of the mother and son, son listens to everything his mother says and doesn’t deny what she says, he is so beautiful and you reject him just because he has an elephant head. Maina understands the love.

In the room, devi maina comes and says parvati let me make him sleep, he will sleep if I make him. parvati says yes mother. Devi maina says son you want to spend time with your grandmother? Son says yes. Everyone go and maina sits there, she sings a lullaby and pats son’s head to make him sleep. As son tries, he says grandma pat a bit softer, this way I wont be able to sleep. Grandmother says I made your mother sleep like this in childhood, you don’t tell me how to make you sleep. As maina sings she only falls asleep. Son looks at the toys.

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