Mere Sai 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

Episode Start with Namu gets up in the first part of the day and gets strained reasoning he was unable to shape pots on schedule. Bhingri sees his hand injury disappeared and flabbergasted asks how did this occur. Namu says he saw Sai in his fantasy the previous evening who mended his physical issue and surprisingly shaped all pots. Bhingri says she can’t perceive any formed pots.

Namu says its a sign to meet Sai and she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what Sai can do. A self-important lady’s truck driver stops truck at an inn to have food. Lady sees him purchasing slick wastes and figures how could individuals have such food. She opens her lunch box to take care of her child and shows cake, bread, and so forth

Namu with Bhingri arrives at Dwarkamayi and get strained seeing everybody present there. Baiza maa asks how is his hand injury. Namu says it recuperated toward the beginning of the day and apologizes her. Baiza maa inquires as to why he is saying ‘sorry’ when he has conveyed pots to everybody’s home on schedule, thinking back a man conveying it the previous evening. Ranoji and Parvati additionally say same.

Namu asks how was that man looking. They portray his elements. Namu acknowledges he is a similar man whom he found in his fantasy. A couple having food in lodging seeing egotistical lady’s English food asks what is it. Lady says this is extremely predominant quality English food which isn’t care for unhygeinic Indian food. Woman asks what is uncommon in this food.

Lady offers her bread and says let them perceive how scrumptious it is. Coule tastes food and snickering says what is uncommon in this dull food, English eat nonnutritous food, Indian food is must nutritious. Lady shouts that workers will be consistently workers and indignantly gets into her truck. Her child offers cake to helpless kid.

Mother reprimands not to be thoughtful to destitute individuals as they will abuse it and will begin taking, his grandmother named him Prahlad and she calls him Raja as he is a lot of unrivaled than everybody. Servant says he ought not blend with filthy individuals. Raja presumptuously says their garments are additionally grimy and tossing extra cake before helpless kid and chuckles.

Mere Sai 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Namu lets Bhingri know that he is a similar man who came in his fantasy and was Sai who helped him. Bhingri apologizes Sai for misconception him and a debt of gratitude is in order for aiding her significant other. Namu likewise expresses gratitude toward him, and Bhingri says he should keep his endowments on everybody consistently. Sai says they get their opinion and with great reasoning completely changes one.

He proceeds with his moral gyaan. Pompous lady with child and servant arrives at Kulkarni’s home and uncovers she is Keshav’s significant other Teju. Prahlad embraces Keshav calling him daddy. Keshav requests that he call him baba. Kulkarni strolls to her and she welcomes him hi papaji. Kulkarni focuses at his feet motioning to contact them and take his gifts and says she has not changed, yet Keshav can change.

Rukmini gets glad seeing Prahlad and offers him Sai’s prasad. Teju requests that she get her and her child far from Sai and strolls in. Rukimini gets frustrated, yet visits with them. Kulkarni says let them rest as they should be drained. Teju says without question. After supper, Raja requests that Keshav recount some story. Keshav inquires as to whether he might want to hear Akbar and Birbal’s story. Teju says he needs new stories and not old Indian ones, she questions if Keshav had truly been to London.

Rukmini offers milk to Raja, however he says he needs elaichi and kesar milk and can’t endure plain milk’s smell. Teju says he is correct. Rukmini says there is no kesar home and she will get it in the first part of the day. Raja gets rowdy with Rukmini. Keshav blows up on him.

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