Mere Sai 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Mere Sai 30th September 2021 Maan Singh tells Tatya and Baizama to think through of the consequences. You will be in trouble if government finds out about this. Baizama says it is they who need to understand that they cannot take you anywhere without Sai’s permission. Sai tells them to make sure word does not get out of the house. The person might be trustworthy but we wont tell them. Baizama nods.

Sarkar tells Major Billy to rest at his house till the time they find Maan Singh. Major refuses. Neither I nor you will sleep till the time he is nabbed. We will search every house tomorrow again then. Baizama, Sai and Tatya watch Maan Singh while he eats. Major Billy says Maan Singh and his ally will be punished terribly for trying to go against British Government.

Sai reaches Dwarkamai and finds Srikanth’s guests there. I asked you two go leave. Why did you stay? They apologize to Sai. We came to Shirdi after a long time. We couldn’t just have a glimpse and leave. We wanted to speak to you. Sai sits down. I don’t know whether I deserve to be Guru. The biggest logic behind a Guru’s word is that it must be followed without questioning the Guru. They realize their mistake. We wont ignore your words ever again. Pleas forgive us this time. Sai asks them to stay over tonight. They get tensed. We must reach Dhanu by morning. It is government work.

We can be in trouble but we will stay back if you will ask us to. Sai tells them to trust Him. It will be best for both of you to stay here tonight. Jhipri comes to invite Sai for a function in Dixit House in the evening. You will come right? Sai says how I cannot come when Ma is calling me.

Ram ji takes care of everyone’s problem. He took care of yours too (while looking at the guests from Dhanu). Jhipri looks at Srikanth’s guests in confusion. Sai asks them to leave if they want. Your job wont be at right. Remember two things though. Don’t stop the cart anywhere at any cost. They nod. Sai gives them a packet to keep in their bag. Keep your bag with you. They accept it and take His leave. Jhipri looks at Sai who seems tensed.

Mere Sai 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Udhav and Bheema bring a big log inside. An officer asks them what they are doing. Bheema shares that they are making preps for Ravan Dahan. Officers demands to inspect the place. Udhav reasons that there is nothing suspicious here. It is made of grass, log and clothes. Officer tells everyone to do as told. I will put you in jail otherwise. They comply. Constables tear everything and ruin all their hard work. One of them stops Bheema from talking back. Bheema says we told you there is nothing. Office tells them that they can and they will come to search anything anywhere anytime. We have a right to do so. Help us catch Maan Singh if you want to live happily. We will otherwise make you dance to our tune for your entire life. They leave.

Villagers gather for the puja. Sai comes there as well. She tells him that Maan Singh is hiding in godown. It has been searched already. I don’t think it will be searched again. Sai thanks her but she thanks Him instead as they are helping the country this way. Sai asks her if she isn’t afraid. She says why be afraid when you are with us. The function starts. Latika asks Sai why women are doing this. A kid asks her if she doesn’t know. She denies. Ajji used to keep us at home.

This is where we got freedom and I am watching it for the first time. Sai tells the kids about Ghagar Phookna tradition which is performed on the 8th day of Navratri. This voice brings the idol to life. Latika asks Sai if Ma is indeed in the idol. Sai tells her that she will surely see Her if she will look with a true heart. Latika says Aayi says that Ma always fulfils our wishes. Sai nods. She asks everyone to ask for their wishes. They ask Sai if He wont pray for anything. Sai says I will ask at the right time.

Maan Singh is haunted by the past incident again. I cannot wait any longer. I cannot waste time while resting. Officers know that I am hiding in Shirdi. I will be caught today or tomorrow. I must leave this place immediately. He stands up and realizes that the pain is bearable. Everyone is busy in the puja and officers wont be around as well. It is the right time to escape.

Women continue with the ritual while men play instruments. Kids smile as they look on. Sai gets tensed.

Phandse ji tells the driver to stop the cart to get water. His friend reminds him of Sai’s words. Phandse ji says I cannot bear thirst anymore. We have to travel overnight. I will be back quickly. He steps down from the cart, walks a little and gets scared as he notices a tiger approaching them. He drops the bottle in shock.

Sai gets. Ragini asks Sai if He is going. He nods. I am going to ask a wish from Ma. She smiles. Sai walks up to Devi Ma idol. Everyone’s eyes widen in shock as they see the tiger.

Maan Singh opens the gates of godown carefully. 2 constables are nearby. Maan Singh hurriedly closes the door when he notices them. Constables hear the noise and get alert. They decide to check who is around.

Sai tells Ma that her kids are very restless. They don’t listen to what they have been advised. Let’s help them. I will do something and you should help too. The other person asks Phandse ji to get up quickly but he is shaking with fear. Sai picks up the ash of incense and blows on it. Strong wind blows around the cart. All men cover their eyes to avoid the dust. They look up and are stunned.

Mere Sai 1st October 2021 Written Episode

Update Precap :Sai tells Udhav, Bheema and other person not to make opinion against anyone without knowing anything. They aren’t in for the idea of messing with British Government because of one person. Baizama overhears them.

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