Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Dadaji asking Mansour to do something. Mansour assures him to bring back Guneet and asks them to take care. He leaves with Angad to get him out. Beeji says that they gave so much love to Pritam and got this in return. Neighbours blames Sakhujas for renting house to Pritam. Baljeet taunts them for not listening to them. Everyone goes in and locks the four. Amrita looks at the arrangements and recalls the happy environment before.

Nimmo falls down unconscious. Everyone panics and tries waking her up. Everyone makes her lie down and splashes water on her. She wakes up and cries for Guneet. Amrita and Beeji tries to console her while Pammi hold Pg responsible for everything. Kabir is angry at Pg for ruining Amrita’s baby shower ceremony. Pg says Sunny and Rony to help him pack the Pg’s luggage and throw them out. They both leave.

Police tortures Pritam to confess the truth that why did he kill the girl. Pritam says that he didn’t kill anyone. Guneet gets angry and asks him to have at least little shame to accept the truth. He blames him for their condition. He holds him by collar by other police men stops him. Inspector suddenly gets a call and goes to attend it. On the other hand, Mansour came there with Angad. Angad cries seeing Guneet’s condition and slaps Pritam for his condition. Amrita is looking at Karan’s picture when she sees w big sound. Everyone goes out to check only to find Kabir throwing away Pritam’s things. Baljeet asks him to throw everything down but Amrita stops them. She asks Kabir to get down. They hear Police siren again and gets shocked. They gets scared that they are back to arrest the whole family.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Police comes there and Kabir says that they are not doing right by troubling them. He says that they already spoilt Amrita’s baby shower ceremony and asks what more they want. He says that their Amrita is a widow but they spoiled her only happiness. Guneet gets down from the car and everyone gets happy seeing him. Pritam also gets down from vehicle. Baljeet asks why did they bring the murderer back. Police apologizes that they arrested the wrong person and the real murderer is already arrested and confessed his crime too.

He asks neighbours to not say anything bad about Sakhujas or Pritam as neither Pritam is culprit nor Sakhujas did anything bad. They blame Police for spoiling their reputation but Dadaji asks them to let it go as they just did their duties. Police takes their leave. Guneet urges everyone to complete the ritual. Amrita thinks that because of Pritam her big day is spoiled and she won’t let him stay there anymore.

Precap :

Amrita asks Pritam to leave the house. Angad reasons that it’s proven that he’s not a murderer. Amrita says that he’s not the murderer of the girl but definitely murderer of her happiness. She calls him Graham in her life. Pritam starts leaving.

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