Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Anurag telling his receptionist not to disturb him as his guest his coming. Anurag waits impatiently for Kajol and wonders what is happening to him. Anurag stares at Kajol from his window. Anurag asks Kajol who is ill? Kajol tells no one is ill we are here to talk about business. Anurag tells there is a admin department in his office who handles all this. Kajol tells him sorry and is about to leave but Anurag stops her and tells he will help her by referring her to them.

Anurag stares at Kajol and gets a call. The call is to invite his father to a award function and Anurag gets angry and tells them to call his father directly from next time. Kajol tells Anurag she has met her father before and she thinks Anurag got inspired to become a doctor from him? Anurag gets angry and tells Kajol to leave if she is here to talk about his father.

Shreya receives a bouquet from Arjun and gets glad. Shreya tells she talked with her father to include Ayan in their business so they maybe coming back to Kolkata very soon. Arjun thinks he doesn’t need Shreya here now as he wants to trap Naina. Shreya tells she is coming back very soon and she will get what she wants at any cost. Shreya thinks if Arjun is after a new fish.

Anurag tells Singhal to call Kajol and tells him to give hospital’s entire printing work to her. Anurag instructs him not to take his name and make any excuse. Anurag’s friend overhears Singhal talking about his mood swings. She tells Anurag is a very nice person and his problem is that he want to say something but ends up saying something else and getting angry.

Naina tries to convince Chandana to invite Arjun to Bishu’s shraadh. Naina tells she met Arjun a few times and he is a really nice guy. Naina blames Kajol for everything and tells we should apologise to Arjun’s family and it would have been nice if she met Arjun instead of Kajol. Chandana calls Kaushik and apologizes to him and invites him to Bishu’s shraadh. Chandana asks Naina if she is sure about Arjun as she is taking a big step. Chandana tells Naina if you really like Arjun you should get married to him and she tells she will talk with them.

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Kajol overhears Naina and Chandana talking and thinks how to make her mother understand and how to save Naina from Arjun. Naina calls Arjun and asks if had falled asleep. Arjun tells how can he sleep when Naina has stolen his sleep. Kajol takes out all of Arjun’s gifts and thinks this is how he trapped her and shower her that he cares for her. The episode ends with Kajol thinking she won’t let Naina go throught the pain she went.

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