Barrister Babu 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Trilochan telling the lady’s this year they cannot celebrate Durga Puja as the condition of their house is not well. Bonditta tells we will do Durga Puja like every year. Bonditta tells Trilochan has taught her Maa Durga will always open some new path for them. Bonditta and other ladies do sindoor khela. Tupur joins them telling her husband is alive and talks with her every day. Bonditta takes the list from police and finds gold ring in the list but she recalls there was no ring in the articles she received. Police tells her to check once again and when she checks the articles the ring is present there.

Bonditta thinks there is something definitely wrong as she is sure there was no ring. Som and Sampurna try to give medicine to Binoy but he gets violent. Som scolds Sampurna for being careless and giving sweets to Binoy. Sampurna tells she did not give him sweets. Bonditta calms him down and asks him who gave him sweets? Bonditta convinces Anirudh’s father to tell his secret and he tells her Tupur was in her room last night. Binoy tells her he caught Tupur that’s why she gave him kheer. Bonditta realizes Tupur put the ring there and starts thinking why she did so and where did she find Chandrachur’s ring.

Bonditta follows Tupur’s footstep at night. She finds a man’s footstep with Tupur and realizes Tupur is not mad and she is playing some big game. Thakur Maa and Kaka Babu discuss some way to rescue Aniruddh. Bonditta asks them what are they planning and she knows it isn’t legal or else they would have asked Bonditta. Thakur Maa tells they talked with Panditji and Bonditta has to keep fast. Bonditta tells she has to find new evidence to save Anirudh so she can’t sit in Puja.

Bonditta thinks there is something strange behind Tupur’s madness. Bonditta searches for evidence in Tupur’s room but Tupur stops her. Tupur tells Bonditta to stop following her at night and and sends her out of the room. Tupur tells Bonditta that Anirudh will be punished on Vijaya Dashmi. Bonditta realizes Tupur is definitely hiding something. Trilochan and Thakur Maa get Binoy out of his room to take him to hospital. Bonditta tells they should come with them to hospital.

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Sampurna and Bonditta accompanies them. Anirudh comes to hospital to meet his father. Binoy gets emotional on seeing him. Anirudh plays with his father and tells him to take care of his health. Binoy tells Aniruddh why is he dressed like a thief. Anirudh tells he will play with Binoy. Trilochan asks Anirudh to leave because if police comes in Binoy will get more scared. Bonditta tells Anirudh the path to free him seems very hazy now. The episode ends with Anirudh telling Bonditta she is just one step away from finding the evidence to save him.

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