Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Aarav holds Gagan’s hands and brings him outside. Everyone is in shock, Aditi also walks out and behaves senseless. Aarav tells to Gagan that tomorrow is her sisters wedding yet she left everything and comes for him. His mother who never disobeyed, had broken their house rules and bought his sister to him and now he is saying that he never loved her just used her to take revenge from Geetanjali Devi. Aarav hits him when he again wants to hit Gagan brings his hand, Simar looks at him and gets angry. She slaps him and tells him why did he do this.

Simar announces that she is breaking all her relation with Gagan. Simar then ask Sandhya about Aditi, she says that she had gone. Aarav and Simar goes to look for Aditi. Indu slaps Gagan and said that today once again he had disrespected them. Aarav and Simar looks for Aditi, Simar finds Aditi walking on the road and a truck coming from her front. Simar and Aarav both runs to save her, Simar saves her. Aditi gets her sense back. Aarav hugs both of them.

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Reema ask Vivaan to give her one more chance. Vivaan says that she had broken his trust and he doesn’t believe on her. He tells that now he knows everything about every challenge she had taken against him, Reema is shocked she ask Vivaan have Simar told him these things. Vivaan says that she is her sister but he trust her more. Reema is shocked. Simar Sandhya Aditi and Aarav are back home. Aarav consoles Sandhya. Simar apologise to Aditi. Aditi says to inform Sandhya that she is ready for the wedding and nobody can stop the wedding. Aditi then cries her heart out.

Avinash says to Indu whatever happens it’s for good. They should not pressurise Gagan, as he said the truth. Indu shows her anger to Gagan and then prays to Mata Rani. Simar brings water for Aarav, he broke the glass in his hand. Simar worries for him, he 8s so angry that how could this happen to his sister he wants to kill Gagan. Simar calms him down. Next morning Geetanjali Devi calsl Manoj and regrets not attending Vivek’s wedding. She ask Chitra and Griraj to go to Vivek’s wedding and do all their duties.

Simar bandage Aarav’s wound, Aarav says how to bandage Aditi’s wound, he shows his concern for Aditi. Simar says that whatever happened with Aditi, it will not happen with her again with Mohit. She says to Aarav that she is going to tell the truth about Mohit to Badi Ma. Aarav also supports her and says whatever will happen after that we will see. They both holds hand and goes.

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