Nima Denzongpa 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Mania and Varun fighting but Suresh shouts at them to stop it. He tells Mania that I know you went through a lot but Varun can’t do that, he was with me the whole day so how can you blame him? Mania says I am sure, he was behind all that. Tulika says she is taking advantage of being a girl, they are trying to ruin my son.

Nari says this will never end, it’s useless to talk to him. She tries to take Mania but Suresh asks Mania to say sorry to Varun. Nima looks on. Tulika smirks.Suman is waiting for her son. Maaji says don’t stress me out, he would be coming soon. Suman’s husband says he is here. Paras enters the house and he is the one who helped Mania.

Nima tells Suresh that it’s not important. Mania says I won’t say sorry if I am not wrong. Suresh says can’t you see your mistake? Nari says you think our birth was a mistake too. Mania says he never took our side, she tells Suresh you have no right to enter our lives when you can’t support us. You have to comment on our professional lives but you don’t support us ever. Sunita says these girls have big tongues. Mania says I won’t say sorry in any case. Nima tells Mania that you didn’t see Varun, you slapped him because of doubt so say sorry. Varun says yes she has to. Mania says sorry. Suresh sadly looks at Nima. She goes away with her daughters.

Suman welcomes Paras by doing his aarti. He smiles and takes her blessings. Paras hugs his father. He goes to Maaji and hugs her. Maaji asks if you brought any gifts for me? Paras says yes. He says I will meet Babita. The driver brings his luggage and gives him Mania’s bracelet. He says that girl forgot it. Paras takes it. Suman says, girl? Maaji says what? His father asks what’s the matter? Paras says it’s not like that. A girl hit our car so we gave her a lift. His father says you didn’t have to give her a lift. Maaji says that girl must be behind our son.

Mania tells Nari that I am sure Varun must be behind all this. I had to say sorry to him. Ayi forced me to say sorry to him. Nima comes there and says I am sorry. I have said sorry many times in life but I never felt small. Sometimes we say sorry not because we are wrong but because our actions might hurt someone. Maybe you are right about Varun behind all this but you didn’t need to slap him. Just be away from them. You don’t mess with animals. Nari laughs and says Ayi agrees that Varun is an animal. Nima laughs and hugs Mania.

In the morning, Sia is outside the office. Shiv comes to her. Sia says I am sorry for ignoring you that day, you are right. I can work and have friends too. Shiv says friends then? Sia shakes his hand and says, friends. Shiv asks where are you going? Sia says I am going to meet a customer. Shiv says I can drop you there as I am going for a site visit. Shiv gives her a helmet and makes her wear it. She smiles at him and sits on his bike.

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Shiv and Sia are going on the bike. Sia feels shy. Shiv smiles at her. Sia puts her hand on his shoulder and smiles. They arrive at the location. Sia gets her boss’s call and says okay. She says the customer will meet me in 2 hours, what will I do now? Shiv says let’s have tea together then. Sia smiles.

Sia and Shiv come to the tea stall. Sia asks about his family. Shiv says my father died a few years ago, I have a mother and a married sister. Sia says who else? Shiv says I don’t have anyone in life, not a wife. I would a girl who my mom likes. Sia says does she have anyone for you? Shiv says I don’t know about my mom but I have a girl in my mind. Sia smiles at him and turns to see Sarla standing there. Sarla glares at her. Sia gets worried.

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