Udaariyaan 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Tejo resetting the question papers by recalling principal’s words. Fateh is in his room worried recalling Tenors words. Jasmine brings the cake she made and asks Fateh to taste it. Fateh suggests celebrating with wine. He gets wine bottle. Jasmine hesitates, but Fateh insists. He says to her bottom-up. Jasmine drinks while Fateh throws the wine in the near by plant. Jasmine faints. Fateh checks that Jasmine is unconscious by saying they got visa for London. Fateh comes to Tejo and gives her coffee. He asks her how long it will take. Tejo says 4-5 hours. He says that exam will start by 9. He asks her to do fast and says that till that he will find a way to photocopy the papers. Fateh phones Navjot and asks him to come to his office.

Navjot says it’s not possible to make such huge number of photo copies alone and wants to call his staffs, but Fateh stops him saying that it’s confidential. Navjot goes to turn on the xerox machine while Fateh phones Tejo to know she finished setting the papers. Tejo says that she finished. He asks her to mail it. The lights go off. Navjot says that the lights won’t back for at leat 2-3 hours. Tejo hears it over phone and cries. Tejo goes to Goddess to pray. She says that she never asked anything for herself and never complaint. She asks not to let the students efforts go vain and asks Goddess to do something. She sees the cloc, it’s 8 AM.

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Students sit in the exam hall. The professor brings the question paper. Sweety asks Jasmine meets sweety and says that she’s excited to know the result of leaking the papers on the internet and to see Tejo getting humiliated. Jasmine sees Tejo coming. She takes sweety away to have some fun. The question paper is distributed among the students. Tejo meets the principal and requests to stop the exams anyhow. The principal changes that the exams have started. She asks Tejo to relax and asks if her husband didn’t tell her, the question papers has been changed. The students get shocked on seeing new question papers. Fateh comes to the principal room. The principal praises Tejo and Fateh for smartly handling the situation. Fateh smiles looking at Tejo and recalls what happened. FB shows. Fateh tells Navjot that he will do something and goes. The lights come back. Fateh comes back and they start taking photocopies. FB ends. The principal says that Fateh and Tejo make great team. She apologizes to Tejo for lashing out at her. Fateh says that Tejo is an honest teacher and she can leak papers. Sweety tells Jasmine that her plan flopped shocking Jasmine. She takes to the students, who were lamenting that the papers got changed overnight. Fateh advises the principal to complain to the cybercrime to find the real culprit. The principal promises to do it. Jasmine get upset her plan flopped.

Tejo thanks Fateh for saving her from getting defamed. Fateh says that Tejo did lot for him and he doesn’t have words to thank her. He asks if they can become friends again. Tejo refuses. She further says that Fateh is good human being and he would have done same to a stranger, it’s better that they stay as strangers. She requests Fateh not to say anything to Jasmine as she doesn’t want any more drama in the house. She walks away. Jasmine and Sweety see this. Jasmine says that Fateh helped Tejo and wants to confront him, but Sweety stops her. She asks if she will ask Fateh why he failed her plan to defame Tejo. Sweety asks Jasmine to come with her saying she knows how to cheer her up.

Tejo brings Candy at Virk’s house. Candy asks Kushbeer where Gurpreet and Mayi are. Kushbeer says that they went for some function, so they both will play. Kushbeer, Candy and Tejo play. Jasmine comes back home and see Kushbeer, Candy and Tejo laughing. She goes inside getting annoyed. Gurpreet phones Tejo and says to convince Kushbeer to come to the function as everyone is asking about him. Tejo agrees. Tejo says to Kushbeer that everyone is asking about him in the function and requests him to go there once. Kushbeer recalls his insult and refuses to go. Tejo says to not punish himself for his children’s mistake and persuades him to go to the function for her sake. Candy also asks Kushbeer to agree. Kushbeer agrees to go and leaves. Tejo makes Candy to his homeworks. She goes saying that she will come back. Candy plays with the ball and drops it. While taking the ball from under the bed, he finds a pen drive. Tejo comes back. Candy asks what it’s. Tejo says that it’s a pen drive and asks from where he got it. Candy says that from under the bed.

Tejo checks the pen drive and realises that it’s Jasmine’s pen drive and wonders what it’s doing in her room. She goes to get snacks for Candy as he’s hungry. She sees that Amrit and Mayi fighting saying that Amrit’s laptop got virus due to Mayi using her pen drive in it. Tejo recalls finding her laptop on the bed. She goes to Jasmine. She talks over phone to cybercrime and says that she knows who leaked the papers. Jasmine looks shocked.

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