Choti Sardarni 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Seher recalls Gayatri’s words after seeing the doll. She tells herself that she should prepare herself for pregnancy because she is doing this for friendship. One kid refers her as mother and he cries hugging her. She consoles him. Kid’s father comes there and tells Seher that his wife is no more that’s why his son behaving like this and takes his son from there.

Badi B reaches Rajveer’s house and informs Rimple that she brought Seher’s favorite dish. Rimple informs her that Rajveer and Seher met gynaecologist and they didn’t return yet. She asks her that didn’t Seher informed her that they are planning for a baby. Badi B tells her that Seher would have planned to surprise her. Rimple reveals that Rajveer and Seher promised to give their first baby to Didiji which shocks the latter.

Meanwhile, Karan tells his staff to give 4 more events to Anu and he wants her to be busy always. Param learns that Karan takeover Anu’s company and he asks Karan about it. Karan informs him that he bought it recently. Param nods at him and leaves from there.

Seher reaches home and eats Badi B’s hand made dish. She tells her that she is going to eat everything and Rajveer won’t get anything and laughs. Badi B tells her that she gave the latter’s favorite ‘dhol’ to Tricky’s friend. Seher gets upset and tells her that the latter should not have done it.

Badi B tells her that the latter reacting like this for ‘dhol’ then how can she give her baby to Didiji. Seher asks her that how the latter knows about it. Badi B tells her that, that’s not matter and the latter can’t do this. She asks her say no to Didiji. Seher tells her that Didiji faced so much in her life and her miscarriage happened while saving Rajveer. She says to her that she can understand Didiji’s pain and Didiji doing so much to save her brothers so she also can do this for her. Badi B tells her that the latter will suffer in the future. She asks her that how can the latter stay away from her baby.

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Seher tells her that her baby must be living in this house only. Badi B tells her that her baby will call Didiji as mother and the latter won’t be able to tolerate that. She says to her that the latter took wrong decision. Seher asks her to not tell about it to Param and Karan. Badi B tells her that the latter should not sacrifice like this for others and leaves from there. Seher calls Rajveer and tells him that Badi B got to know about their promise. He tells her that he is waiting to meet Gayatri. She notices Gayatri and informs him that Gayatri came to meet Didiji. He asks her to do something to stop Gayatri and he will reach there soon.

On the other hand, Badi B feels dizzy. Param and Karan gets worried. Param tells her that the latter went to meet Seher and demands the truth from her. Rimple welcomes Gayatri and takes her to Didiji. Seher breaks the vash deliberately to get Gayatri’s attention. Rimple takes Gayatri from there.

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